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Different Types of Furniture Restoration Services



Furniture Restoration Services

When water or fire or smoke comes in contact with furniture, it does not destroy it. However, if timely attention is due, then say bye-bye to your furnishings. There are types of furniture restoration based on the damage received. By following them, there will be no need to go for a furniture replacement.

Furniture Damaged by Water

Only when the area or the property is dry, then begin with cleaning. First, take a snapshot of the damage as it will help in water-damage insurance claims. After the damage is evaluated by a professional, start with the drying and restoration process. Remember, you need to dry the wet furniture slowly. Otherwise, the wood will expand and shrink when it dries quickly. It will become difficult to restore damaged furniture. For slow drying, the furniture, keep it away from direct sunlight like a garage space, where some air circulation will be there. When moving the dry furniture, use protective gloves. Box fans are also effective. The floodwater saturation causes havoc. The damaged furniture includes panels, antiques or inlays. See for changes like loose joints, cracks or warped wood. There may be bubbles, stains under the furniture surface. Also, mould can form that appears in brown or white colour.

To restore the flood-damaged furniture, its thorough cleaning is a must. Furniture made of solid wood or veneer, antiques are restorable and repairable. The restoration works include removing the watermark, polishing, cabinet repair, restoration and refinishing, colour blending upholstery repairs and refinishing.

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There are things to consider while restoring furniture damaged by water. The water type that came into contact matters when restoring the furniture loss. The usual water, white water, black and grey water have a different impact. Greywater comes with dishes and clothes washing materials. Blackwater is a highly contaminated mix of the sewage pipe. So the precautions needed to be taken accordingly.

Furniture Damaged by Fire

Fire is very damaging that brings along smoke and water. The home and office furniture get toasted if the percent of the fire is enormous. A fire can be caused by faulty wiring, etc. Upon following the standard procedure of getting the destroyed items pictured for a claim. It is time to see what all furniture is restorable.

The furniture to restore damaged by smoke is the job of a professional. They have the right training and tools to do it. The furniture and heirlooms are repairable as well as replaceable. The cabinetry, wood flooring and decoratives are fixable with stripping, refinishing, stabilization and colours.

There are bits and pieces of the furniture to be cleared. The furnishings are repairable on-site. The structural parts of furniture destroyed by fire may prove to be costly. So replacing is easy if you can manage the cost.

With the right knowledge and skills, your furniture and cabinetry will look beautiful. The repairs on the furniture damaged by fire will include precision repairing, colour blending, structural furniture repairs, cabinet refacing, stabilization and more.

You must be ready to embrace the situation of furniture damage. Nothing to have your heart get broken over it. With some thorough cleaning, skill and focus and some money spending, you will be able to restore your furniture.

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