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What is the “Difficult Person Test”? Briefly Explained



Difficult Person Test


What is the “Difficult Person Test”?

People want to be liked. People love to know about their real selves. Their relationship with their fellow human beings depends, to a large extent, on their being liked. Of course, there are those who have no need to seek approval from others and are completely unaffected by this drive to be liked. These are, however, the exceptions. IDR Labs’ Difficult Person Test is an effective method for assessing the need of being liked and finding the traits of a person. Most people are subject to a drive to be liked, and the relationship to be a good-enough-friend-or-loved-one is a function of how much they need to be liked, judged by their peers. This is called the “difficult person test”.

The IDR Labs’ Difficult Person Test:

The IDR Labs’ difficult person test identifies and measures the underlying need to be liked, and provides insight into the profile of a person who he or she is. The test allows the individual to assess the level of need and provides an alternative pattern of life that could allow them to be liked at the lowest level of need and meet the needs of others at a more normative level of need.

The difficult person test presents a variety of activities that must be accomplished by a user for a significant relationship to be cultivated and for finding the personality traits. As the user completes each activity, the “reality of the relationship” is established, and they are asked to determine which of the activities is most important.

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Do these activities:

  • Represent what you would need to do for people to like you?
  • Represent what you would need to do for finding the true personality traits?
  • Represent what people would need to do to get a significant relationship with you?

Which activity you choose will be most likely to help you overcome your need to be liked and help to refine your personality traits. It may not be in any one thing that the development of a meaningful relationship occurs. Rather, it is in the accumulation of a variety of experiences that occur over time. As people apply this and other tools to their lives, they gradually discover that they need to be liked, the impulsive behavior, the jealousy, controlling behavior, the self-centered behavior are all manifestations of IDR Labs’ Difficult Person Test.

Benefits of IDR Labs’ Difficult Person Test to Find How Difficult You Are:

The test has benefits in facilitating a greater understanding of the world, greater control over one’s own life, and the ability to identify which relationships are the ones that provide the greatest utility to a person. The difficult person test will help the individual to identify what needs to be done to control those behaviors that result in undesirable outcomes. The Difficult Person Test helps you to find how difficult you are. Let’s see the five foremost benefits of IDR Labs’ difficult person test.

  1. IDR Labs’ Difficult Person Test can help you stop feeling sorry for yourself. What you need to do to be liked is to act in ways that are more conducive to intimacy. You can do this by finding ways to relax and have a greater impact on the feelings of the other person. Many have found that being more assertive and direct contributes to their relationships becoming more intimate.
  2. IDR Labs’ Difficult Person Test can help you find out the traits that you share with others and the ones that you don’t. Once you discover the difference, you can begin to work on it. You may feel a bit uncomfortable about this, but you have to develop a way to become more comfortable with your less-than-perfect behavior. And, it is usually when we are uncomfortable with ourselves that we begin to grow in our commitment to self-improvement. With respect to your less-than-ideal behavior, you can work on your own behavior and strategies to minimize your outbursts and angry outbursts.
  3. This Difficult Person Test can help you understand your higher reasoning and the intelligent traits that you possess. Many people can overlook or even distort their intelligence. IDR Labs’ Difficult Person Test allows you to uncover your higher reasoning and intelligent traits. Many people can overlook or even distort their intelligence.
  4. IDR Labs’ Difficult Person Test can help you identify the various facets of the authentic self that you may have been trying to hide. By giving yourself honest assessments of how you relate to others, you will learn what others see in you, what they need, and what they need from you. This allows you to look at yourself objectively and ask questions of what you do and how you do it.
  5. IDR Labs’ Difficult Person Test can help you see that you have a deep need to belong and to be part of something. You will be able to identify the feelings of loneliness and isolation that you sometimes experience, and the often-painful experiences of rejection that may have led you to develop your ability to be self-centered. In this way, you can see the hidden sides of yourself and the ways in which your personality traits can hurt others and yourself. For example, you might realize that you have trouble letting others down and setting your needs aside. Or, you may identify the jealousy or lack of generosity that you may have toward others. With a better understanding of yourself, you can make better choices.
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Final Verdict:

Finally, this is not a tool that simply allows you to become more self-aware. The Difficult Person Test is designed to help you take a hard look at your behavior and think about what has led you to behave in ways that you would like to change. In this way, you are more likely to develop a self-awareness that is aligned with your own values and goals. It is through the cultivation of self-awareness that people can develop a more compassionate attitude toward others.

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