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13 Jobs in Education You Can Get With an Online Master’s Degree



Jobs with online masters degree

The days when education was limited to traditional teaching are long gone. Today, education has become a vast field with several careers to choose from. Continuous career development is as vital for educationalists as any other profession. Therefore, it is imperative to stay up-to-date with the latest teaching methodologies, curriculum development techniques, student and classroom management practices, etc.

One way to advance in the education sector is by acquiring an online master’s degree. It is ideal for someone already in the teaching profession and who wants to pursue a different career path. A master’s program is a gateway to numerous career trajectories within the education industry.


Career Counselor

Apart from providing quality education and learning, educational institutes offer career counseling to their students. Counselors help struggling students with their concerns at school or home. They guide students’ psychological, social, and personal issues. Moreover, counselors provide practical advice to students for their career prospects. As a career counselor, you can earn approximately $40,542 annually.

Study Abroad Consultant

A master’s degree can open doors for professionals to start advisory services as study abroad consultants. Students at undergraduate and graduate levels seek step-by-step assistance when considering their options to pursue overseas education. Guidance from a professional can help them achieve their dreams. The annual income of an abroad consultant is $40,000 per annum.

Education Consultant

An education consultant helps students and parents with education planning. They look at your overall academic performance and offer multiple solutions and higher education options to choose from. Education consultants usually operate individually or are hired by consultancies as compared to career counselors who schools employ. Being an education consultant, you can earn approx.: $62,809 annually.

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Curriculum Developer

Curriculum development is one of the most crucial elements of an education system. It is the foundation upon which all instructional design methodologies are based. Therefore, special attention is given when it comes to curriculum development. Learning outcomes cannot be met without a strong, practical, and effective curriculum. And thus, all efforts put into the instructional design will bring no results. Therefore, skilled curriculum developers are in high demand. Several jobs for MEd Curriculum and Instruction Graduates are available within educational institutions. An annual income of a curriculum developer is around $68,580.

Academic Coordinator

A master’s degree can land you as an academic coordinator in a school or even higher education institution such as a college or university. Academic coordinators are responsible for supporting the academic director or institute’s leadership to manage various academic programs and activities. They also help faculty members with their administrative tasks and handle student queries. An academic coordinator earns up to $51,705 a year.

Educational Administrator

It is an ideal career path for some who want to pursue a leadership role within the education industry. An educational administrator can assume the role of a department head such as admissions, marketing, and communication, or internship and placement department. Someone with a sound academic background, relevant experience, and the latest industry knowledge can easily take up these roles. The annual income of an educational administrator is around $66,180.


Individuals with a master’s degree can provide professional training in the education industry. They can be hired to train non-teaching staff in business communication, public speaking, time-management, and interpersonal skills. A master’s degree teaches the right skillset in an individual to become a masterful trainer. A trainer has an earning potential of around $50,525 annually.

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Special Educations Teacher

Master’s degree holders can choose this career path with a concentration in special education. Teaching specially-abled children require specialized training and skillset. It is different from traditional teaching methods and involves specific working techniques with gifted students. Special educations teachers have an annual income of nearly $51,126.


Tutoring is the best choice for someone passionate about teaching but looking to escape the traditional classroom environment. You can choose from teaching a small group of students or one student at a time to give focused attention. Tutoring can be done as in-person sessions or via online platforms. The TEFL Academy USA offers courses that enable graduates to teach English online. A career in tutoring allows for work-life balance and a flexible schedule, something not often observed in a full-time school environment. Tutors make up to $47,517 annually.


A librarian is responsible for handling all the school or college library affairs. A major in library science works as a librarian. They assist people in locating research articles, subject-specific publications, and books. They are in charge of administering and indexing databases, maintaining catalogs, and directing the library’s administrative activities. Librarians can also work for independent public libraries and museums. The annual income of librarians is around $53,898.

Academic Content Writer

Academic writers usually work for publishers and digital agencies providing content writing services. An academic writer can work on content development of textbooks, standard tests, creating academic essays and research papers. An academic content writer enjoys an annual income of $42,515.

Freelance Lesson Planning

Lesson planning is developing daily and weekly plans to be followed for lesson delivery. A master’s degree can act as a milestone for pursuing a career as a freelance lesson planner. There are several online freelance platforms where teachers hire professional lesson planning services. A freelance lesson planner has an annual income of $137,532.

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Test Preparation Specialists

Students seek professional assistance to prepare for standardized tests such as SATs, GRE, or university admissions tests. Test preparation specialists help students prepare study material, give practical guidelines, and teach them vital time management skills for test day. They can provide their services as independent tutors or can work for organizations. The annual income of test preparation specialists is around $76,157.

Final Thoughts

The education industry has evolved and offers various job opportunities other than teaching. A master’s degree can open several avenues for individuals hoping to make a career in education.

For example, career counselors support students within schools with their school or personal lives. Moreover, students can seek higher education advice from an education or a study abroad consultant.

Additionally, one can become a curriculum developer or an instructional designer. An academic coordinator is also a practical career option in education. Someone interested in a leadership position can go for an educational administrator role.

A master’s degree coupled with a special education major can land you a job as a special education teacher. One can also choose to become an independent tutor for more flexibility. A role as a trainer can also be acquired for someone not interested in teaching children.

One can opt for a public librarian, academic content writer, freelance lesson planner, or test preparation specialist outside educational institutions.

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