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Does Cloud Computing from Caltech Pay Well?



Cloud Computing

The term ‘cloud’ is quite common in this present scenario. You must have heard phrases such as ‘running in the cloud,’ ‘moving to the cloud,’ and ‘stored in the cloud.’ However, do you know what this nebulous concept means?

If not, you have indeed landed on the right page. In this article, you will get the amazing scope of uncovering potential details in no time. After taking a look at this write-up, you can also choose to opt for cloud computing Caltech with an approach to embark on a professional journey.

The majority of organizations, firms, and enterprises consider the cloud as a big deal because of three crucial reasons:

  • You no longer need to put effort into managing or maintaining it.
  • You can now access various cloud-based services and applications from any location. All you need is an internet connection accompanied by a desktop/laptop.
  • Since the cloud is infinite in size, you do not need to feel stressed about running it out of capacity.

Nowadays, most professionals and industry leaders work while moving from one place to another. This is why switching to the cloud is one of the most appropriate solutions for organizations.

For more information, stay tuned to this article and keep reading till the very end. Let’s get started.


What does Cloud Computing mean?

Cloud computing is an ideal way to deal with a plethora of enterprise applications. Several firms and companies prefer this amazing solution while launching innovations and extending their infrastructure. Cloud computing takes care of storage, services, networking, databases, analytics, software, and intelligence over the ‘cloud.’ As a result, organizations can now get exposed to flexible resources, faster innovation, and economies of scale.

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Enterprises use cloud computing due to various reasons, such as:

  • Disaster recovery
  • Data backup
  • Email
  • Software testing and development
  • Virtual desktops
  • Customer-facing web applications
  • Big data analytics

While video game makers use cloud computingto offer a broad range of online games, financial services companies use this technology to deal with fraud prevention and detection. Are you looking forward to a visual representation?

Will you get a higher salary by pursuing Cloud Computing from Caltech?

If you pursue cloud computing from Caltech, you will be blessed with a handsome salary. Cloud engineers end up earning 5.4 LPA in this specific field. How great does that sound? Since Caltech is one of the best institutions offering cloud computing courses, getting yourself enrolled might be a wise bet. You won’t regret your decision, and that’s for sure!

Who uses the Cloud?

Cloud has turned into an integral part of most of the companies out there. It has transformed the entire business landscape in the best possible manner. All the professionals rely on these cloud services with their eyes closed. Check out some of the pointers stated below in this article:

  • Companies having more than 25,000 employees use nearly 545 cloud services or applications.
  • According to a specific study, nearly 1.09 billion users use Facebook regularly.
  • Most individuals have trusted certain cloud-based email services like Yahoo and Gmail.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Go through some of the unparalleled benefits of cloud computing that can’t be overlooked under any given circumstances:

  • Cost Savings
  • Flexibility
  • Security
  • Insight
  • Mobility
  • Quality Control
  • Increased Collaboration
  • Loss Prevention
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Competitive Edge
  • Automatic Software Updates
  • Sustainability
  • Boosts Performance
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Roles and Responsibilities of a Cloud Engineer

Check out the roles and responsibilities of a Cloud Engineer written below in this article:

  • They collaborate with the development and engineering teams to identify and evaluate optimal cloud solutions.
  • They improve and modify the existing systems.
  • They tend to educate teams and help them to implement new initiatives and cloud technologies with utmost ease.
  • They develop, design and deploy modular cloud-based systems.
  • They maintain and develop a wide range of cloud solutions and best practices.
  • They ensure efficient functioning in accordance with some of the best practices in cloud security and company security policies.
  • They analyze, identify and resolve application deployment issues and infrastructure vulnerabilities.
  • They review the existing systems and suggest several recommendations that pave the way for improvements.
  • They get in touch with their clients, offer cloud support, and make some recommendations solely based on the requirements and needs of the clients.

Requirements to pursue Cloud Engineering?

Check out some of the mandatory requirements that are needed to pursue cloud engineering:

  • You need three years of top-notch experience in this field of cloud computing.
  • You should carry a degree in computer science or any other field that is related to it.
  • You should gather experience with SysOps.
  • You must gain some experience with CI/CD systems.
  • You must possess analytical and troubleshooting skills.
  • It would be best if you opted for AWS, Azure, or GCP certifications; it will boost your scope of getting hired by well-reputed companies and firms.
  • You should have client management skills.
  • You must hone your collaboration and communication skills in the best possible manner.
  • You must possess problem-solving skills in order to survive in this competitive market.
  • You must focus on logical thinking at each and every step.
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The bottom line

Hopefully, this article will make you quite aware of the importance of cloud computing in this present scenario. Honing and shaping your skills in the best possible manner will enable you to stand out among others easily. It is undoubtedly one of the most demanding areas, and industry leaders often look for cloud experts to deal with their data and various other aspects. What are you waiting for? It’s time to pull up your socks and hit the battleground!

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