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Seven Dog Breeds Suited for Apartments



Dog Breeds Suited for Apartments

Many dog lovers wish that they could have a pup of their own but fear that they can’t because they live in an apartment. But living in an apartment is no great barrier to dog ownership. It’s estimated 70% of apartment dwellers already own pets, so the real restrictions are one’s situation, not a blanket ban on dogs to renters.

There are breeds of dogs that are better suited for apartment living than others. This includes breeds such as Australian Terriers, Basenji, Basset Hound, Bichon, Greyhound, and others that can be chosen based on common criteria for the breed.

If you live in an apartment and have your heart set on a pup of your own, be sure to read on as we go over all the best traits and breeds that any apartment owner considering a pup should know about.


What Traits Should Apartment Dogs Have?

Apartment living isn’t for all dogs, and while some breeds may be prohibited by certain landlords, the truth is that an individual dog’s personality has a much greater impact on how they will get along in an apartment than what type of breed they are. However, some still find general characterizations of breeds useful.

When looking for an apartment dog, it can be helpful to look for dog breeds that are generally thought of as:

  • Calm: Dogs that bark at people walking across the street will have a hard time restricting their natural urges at neighbors traversing common areas such as stairwells. For this reason alone, security-minded breeds such as boxers, terriers, and mastiffs will all be ill-suited for apartment life.
  • Moderately active: Intense working dogs with a strong sporting lineage, such as golden retrievers or huskies, will often have issues with the confined space that an apartment provides. If these types of dogs aren’t given a chance to burn off excess energy, they can become rambunctious and even destructive. Therefore, a moderately active breed is preferred.
  • Friendly: Having an outgoing dog can be both a gift and a curse, but on the spectrum of goofy to nippy, go for the former.
  • Obedient: If you are going to be in close quarters with others and your dog it is good to know that they will listen to your commands when prompted with a situation such as a grabby toddler.
  • The right size: The last aspect that should be touched on is size. In general, get a dog that fits the size of your apartment. Those in palatial penthouses can likely get almost any breed they desire, while those in a studio or single bedroom apartment should go with a more miniature breed.
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And the above criteria are just a jumping-off point. Some owners will want a breed that is hyper-trainable so that they can take up agility training, others will need a dog breed that is hypoallergenic due to the allergies of themselves or family members. These examples illustrate how important it is to be serious about what your own needs in a dog are and seek out breeds that are thought to have them.

The Seven Best Dog Breeds Suited for Apartments

Below you will find the seven top picks for apartment dog breeds. While each is well-suited for the challenges of apartment living, they each have their own quirks as well. For example, some are thought of as sportier than others. Yet, all will do well in a loving and committed home. So without further ado, please read on for more on the seven best dog breeds for apartment living.

Australian Terrier

For those apartment dwellers that are undaunted by a higher energy level, the sporty Australian Terrier is a good choice. While they will need daily trips to the park to run and stretch their legs, these dogs otherwise can be extremely adaptable to apartment living.


The Basenji has an adorably scruffy coat and outgoing demeanor that is sure to melt the hearts of dog lovers everywhere. They are great for their easy-to-maintain coats and smaller size as well as their often docile and loving nature.

Basset Hound

Catch sight of the often droopy-eyed basset hound, with their ears hanging low, and it is nearly impossible not to break out into a smile. And while these dogs were bred for their tracking abilities, they aren’t overly active which makes them well suited for apartments. One consideration is that they will need to be properly trained to keep from barking at neighbors in the hall.

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The Bichon is known as an excellent companion dog. Their small size and moderate activity level combined with their adorable fluffy looks to create a very popular dog for apartments. That is why you so often see Bichon puppies for sale in major urban areas. Besides a good walk in the neighborhood, these dogs are very fastidious and easily trained.

Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniels can be the life of the party in an apartment. They are relatively calm dogs that are easily trained but they also thrive on human interaction and often form close bonds with their owners.


While better known as “the racetrack dog” to some, Greyhounds are exceptionally well suited for apartment living thanks to their docile nature and lower level of activity generally. In addition, Greyhounds are very clean dogs that, while not hypoallergenic, are nearly odor-free.

More Important than the Breed of Dog is the Commitment of the Owner

And there you have it, seven of the best dog breeds for those living in apartments. While getting a breed that is well-suited to apartment living is important, ultimately it is the love and cares that they receive from their owner that will determine if a dog is a good fit for apartments. This is why commitment from dog owners is so important in this process and is truly the only way to ensure success when bringing any breed of dog into an apartment.

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