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What is the Aim of Mobile Patrol Security?



Aim of Mobile Patrol Security

Mobile patrols protection is an effective way to prevent cases of vandalism and other offenses against property, identifying potential damage as soon as possible. Services of mobile patrols Perth is mainly used as an alternative to physical security since this service is much cheaper for the client while retaining greater efficiency.


What is the purpose of mobile security patrols?

The main task of mobile patrols security consists in carrying out control detours by the patrol crews of the protected objects by the patrol crews. The aim of the patrol service is to prevent cases of vandalism and other offenses against property, check guard posts (guards, watchmen) and identify potential damage as soon as possible.

If the object has been damaged, or there is a danger of its infliction, then the employees of the mobile security patrols Brisbane transmit a corresponding message to the operator of the centralized monitoring station and guard the object. Then the message is transmitted to the owner of the property, and if necessary, the incident is reported to the authorities. Security guards remain at the scene until the owner arrives. The object and the territory are under the supervision of professionals.

What are mobile patrols services?

All vehicles of the patrol service are equipped with first aid, fire extinguishing, and personal protective equipment. Also mobile patrols Perth offer a number of additional services of the patrol service:

  • Controlling the opening and closing of windows and doors. By agreement with the client, at certain hours, a patrol crew arrives at the facility to check the closing of windows and doors, as well as their general condition.
  • Turning on and off the lighting in the territory. By agreement with the client, at certain hours, mobile security patrols bypass the territory in order to turn on or off the lighting; at the same time, the client does not need to install additional equipment at the facility.
  • Acceptance of the object under protection and disarming. By agreement with the client, at certain hours, the patrol crew arrives at the facility to put it under guard or disarm it with the client; in addition, the crew checks the serviceability of the equipment (so that the sensors are not covered, etc.).
  • Provision of security services during the opening and closing of the facility. The client can call mobile patrols security to the facility at the time of its opening and closing, in order to ensure the safety of its employees when the facility is put under guard at night.
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What are the benefits of mobile patrols security?

The pros of mobile security patrols Brisbane include:

  1. Perimeter Security. You may be sure that the object is monitored outside.
  2. Patrolling the territory. The presence of technical means of protection does not cancel the physical patrolling of the territory by mobile patrols. Proper organization of warehouse security is always controlled and reinsurance. Not a single outdoor video surveillance camera will be able to record an illegal act if it is committed by the warehouse’s own staff.
  3. Security of premises. At the end of the working day, guards are obliged to take under protection the premises located on the territory of the warehouse complex – warehouses, hangars, autoboxes, office buildings, fuel storage areas, etc.
  4. Other actions of mobile security patrols are also possible. They are determined by the type of a particular facility (taking an administrative building under protection is different from transferring a fuel and lubricants storage site to the security service). If you want to secure the object inside or outside and save your money, call mobile patrols Perth!
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