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Dubai Has Taken Over Instagram




Dubai is a city that goes simultaneously beyond the clouds and into the sea; a challenge to the desert and the human imagination; the center of the world’s tallest skyscrapers and fantastic artificial islands; fabulous entertainment and enchanting festivals. Dubai is a world-famous year-round tourist destination for families and outdoor activities, beckoning with its warm sunny climate, white sandy beaches, and azure waters of the Persian Gulf.

Dubai is a paradise for tourists because here they will find excellent service, luxurious hotels, and excellent conditions for sports, shopping, and, of course, rest and relaxation. The latter has become increasingly prevalent as we live in an age of unprecedented stress. That is why Dubai massage became one of the first things to experience in Dubai for guests of the city. A massage procedure is an excellent means of healing the body, and it has a beneficial effect on the nervous system. Massage also relieves muscle tension, improves blood circulation and metabolic processes, removes toxins, and much more. After the session, you feel rested, your strength returns to you again, and your muscles feel light. Massage is a great way to deal with stress at any time.

Dubai has become the 5th most Instagrammed city in the world. Dubai has been featured in 79 million hashtags this summer and it’s the only Arab city in the top five. This is a big achievement compared to the most famous tourist destinations. London topped the list by the number of hashtag mentions with 118 million posts. Paris is next with 101 million, followed by Nice and New York with 87 and 83 million Instagram posts respectively. So, let’s find out which places in Dubai are the most Instagrammable and glorify their city in such an amazing way.

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Burj Al Arab

The only 7-star hotel in the world! Its shape, reminiscent of a sailboat, is so magnificent and unique that you absolutely must take pictures of this impressive building. There are as many as 3 locations: on the beach of the Madinat hotel complex, on the public beach near the hotel, and near the entrance to the territory.

Dubai Marina

For great street photography, head to Dubai Marina. It has everything that most people associate the Dubai lifestyle with: palm trees, skyscrapers, and bays with lots of snow-white yachts.

Desert Dunes Dubai

One of the most popular locations in the Emirates, where people come to take a break from the noise of the metropolis and skyscrapers blocking the clouds and look at the endless sandy horizons. So that the desert does not seem to you an uninteresting place, where you can only do what to think about the eternal over a cup of Arabic coffee with cardamom, go on a safari. After the safari guests go to meet the sunset and take pictures against the backdrop of the sun sinking into the sands, and complete the program with a traditional Arabic dinner in the middle of the desert and shining lights.

Madinat Jumeirah

Resort Madinat Jumeirah is a real “city within a city” with luxury hotels, oriental bazaars and a white sandy beach. A 5km long water channel flows through the resort, along which traditional abra boats ply. And the photos here are very atmospheric.

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Dubai Mall

Photos from the largest shopping center in the world collect hundreds of likes. Here and shots against the backdrop of the waterfall “Pearl Divers”, and near a huge aquarium. The tunnel with stingrays, sharks and other fish in the Dubai Mall aquarium will not leave anyone indifferent. The most difficult thing in visiting the center: not to lose your head and not to forget to take a picture in the end.

Al Fahidi Historic District

Dubai is often blamed for its lack of history and is called artificial. However, here you feel as if you were able to travel back in time, find yourself in Dubai in the early 1900s and get acquainted with the historical heritage of the emirate. It is worth strolling through this area to look at the traditional architecture, get lost in the narrow streets and feel the spirit of old Dubai in the shopping areas and bustling courtyards. The colorful area houses thematic museums, cultural centers, contemporary art galleries, unusual restaurants, cafes and guest houses.

Hotel Atlantis, The Palm

Atlantis the Palm is definitely one of the most famous and exceptional hotels in Dubai. The five-star resort on the island of Palma attracts the attention of lovers of beautiful photos from all over the world. Unfortunately, if you are not a hotel guest, you cannot enter the territory, but there is one little trick that can work. If the security at the entrance asks you why you want to enter, say that you want to go to the hookah bar. Usually, after that, they skip, once inside you can freely walk around the hotel. The hotel is undoubtedly chic both inside and out, but the most attractive thing about this place is the indoor aquarium. It’s called Lost Chambers, and if you want to get into it, you’ll need to buy a ticket. It’s quite expensive but worth it.

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Dubai Frame

Dubai Frame

This attraction was literally built for photography, as the 150-meter structure beautifully frames the city like a photo frame. Glass transparent bridge. And dozens of amazing shots against the backdrop of the city.

Dubai Miracle Garden

For the brightest photos (without any filters) – go to Miracle Garden. You will not see such an impressive number of plants and flowers in any park on the planet. A wonderful place will captivate you with its unique flower beds-sculptures made in the form of animals, peacocks, Burj Khalifa tower, giant clock.

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