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7 Reasons Why You Should Plan a Family Vacation to Lake Michigan



Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan is the third-largest Great Lake and the sixth-largest freshwater lake in the whole world. Known predominantly for its breath-taking scenery, Lake Michigan is the perfect antidote to hectic family life.

Whether you are not sure if Lake Michigan is the right destination for your next family vacation or you simply want to know more about this must-see location, the below blog explores the top seven reasons why you should go to Lake Michigan.


1. To swim in Lake Michigan

The number one reason why people flock to this popular vacation destination, you can’t go to Lake Michigan without taking a dip in the lake.

Boasting 1,300km of stunning shoreline, the crystal-clear freshwater in Lake Michigan has to be seen firsthand to be believed. Not to mention the gorgeous white sand beaches that are perfect for both relaxing and having fun.

Alternatively, if swimming is not your thing, why not try taking a boat out? There are so many Marinas in Lake Michigan for you to choose from, which will allow you to explore the area in style.

Whether you are a boating enthusiast or not, this is one method of travel that the whole family will enjoy and remember for a long time.

2. To see the Milwaukee Art Museum

No family vacation would be complete without a bit of culture, and the Milwaukee Art Museum does not disappoint. Located on the shore of Lake Michigan, you cannot miss its impressive wing-shaped building, which moves several times a day to control the museum’s heat and light.

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The museum holds regular events and exhibitions as well as storytimes for kids. To make the most out of your visit, head to the ArtPack station or the Kohl’s Art Studio, both of which are ideal for kids who love to express their creativity.

Admission is free for kids under 12 and free for all on the first Thursday of each month.

3. To learn to surf

If your kids have always wanted to learn to surf, but you are concerned about the dangers of the ocean, then Lake Michigan can help you out. Boasting some amazing surf and great locations for a day surfing, you will see lots of people heading to the beach with their boards throughout the year.

Surfing on the lake is a lot different from surfing on the ocean because the wave periods are shorter. This means less power and size, which is ideal for younger children who want to try surfing for the first time.

You could even treat them to a few surfing lessons from one of the local surfing schools.

4. To check out the lighthouses

Lake Michigan has quite possibly some of the most beautiful lighthouses in the country. In fact, there is even a special lighthouse tour that you can go on called the Lighthouse Circle Tour.

This takes you all around the state and edges of Lake Michigan and makes for some amazing family photo opportunities. This also offers a great time to educate your children about the local area and the history of the lighthouses, as well as enabling you to see other connecting Great Lakes.

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5. To hit a water park

What kid doesn’t love a water park? It doesn’t matter whether the sun is shining or the heavens have opened. A day at a local water park is guaranteed to put a smile on their faces. For a day or weekend of fun, head to Michigan’s Great Lakes Bay. In Frankenmuth, you will find the ultimate indoor water extravaganza, Zehnder’s Splash Village Hotel & Waterpark.

With a massive 50,000 square-foot space, kids of all ages will love the lazy river, squirting water toys, and a multitude of water slides.

Other great days out in the area include the Roll Arena, one of the U.S.’s top roller rinks, and the Valley Lanes Family Entertainment Center, which boasts 32 lanes of bowling and an indoor mini-golf course.

6. To eat great food

Whether you are a foodie or your kids are picky eaters, Lake Michigan has some great places to eat. Without a doubt, Chicago is the culinary capital of Lake Michigan, offering a whole host of signature dishes, including their famous deep-dish pizza. Some of the best restaurants for this local delicacy are Lou Malnati’s and Giordano’s. Both places have their own unique take on the ever-popular deep dish pizza.

Or, if you want to enjoy a craft beer or two while the kids eat, Milwaukee has some of the best brewpubs around.

For those that want to explore some more historic restaurants, head to the smaller coastal towns on Lake Michigan. There are many here that have been serving up authentic cuisine to both locals and tourists for years.

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7. To explore the local aquatics

Do your kids spend most of their free time glued to their devices? If yes, then a family vacation to Lake Michigan offers the perfect distraction with its vast array of aquatic destinations for you to explore together.

One of which is Tahquamenon Falls State Park which is located in the Upper Peninsula. The second biggest waterfall east of the Mississippi and the largest one in Lake Michigan, Tahquamenon Falls can be explored via a well-marked trail that allows you to get right down to the edge of the Upper Falls.

Another hugely popular attraction is the Sleeping Bear Dunes which are located right next to Lake Michigan. Whether you choose to take off your shoes and let the warm sand get beneath your toes or watch the breath-taking sunset, these awe-inspiring dunes are a must-see when in Lake Michigan.


If you haven’t been to Lake Michigan before, you are guaranteed to love it. In fact, with its family-friendly beaches, amazing attractions, and stunning scenery, this popular destination is set to become one of your all-time favorite family vacation destinations.

Whether you are planning a two-week summer vacation or a shorter break, Lake Michigan offers something for everyone.

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