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Now, There’s an Electric Scooter for Every Type of Rider



Electric Scooter

Oh yes, it’s a buyer’s game. With all the different brands of electric scooters, and then some clone or unbranded ones flooding the market, it can be quite tempting to go with whatever is popular – but not necessarily an original and of premium or durable quality.  And here the confusion begins, which can later lead to regret and disappointment aside from hard-earned money down the drain.

So, first things first. Let’s do a quick checklist. What kind of commuter are you?

Are you the practical type, a career sophisticate, an adventure seeker, or an off-road ranger?

Always remember though, that your safety is still prime.

Every brand offers its own set of features. You can narrow down your search by determining what you’ll need from a quality electric scooter, based on your preferences, terrain, and range.

In case you’re not aware, electric scooters support a certain weight. With the Mearth S and Mearth S Pro, it is typically between 70 and 100 kg. The weight capacity per rider, therefore, should not exceed 100 kg.

When it comes to choosing an electric scooter, going with the fad might not be a good idea as there are different types of electric scooters for different purposes. Moreover, each one comes at different price points. What’s popular may not necessarily be hard-wearing or the right fit for you.

This electric scooter guide will give you a quick overview and an idea of the kind of electric scooter that fits perfectly your needs.  Read and know the different types of electric scooters, according to features and characteristics and how much they cost.

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Entry-level Electric Scooters

Mearth S and S Pro are great for city riding and short trips on flat surfaces like footpaths, and side streets.  As the S and S Pro are foldable electric scooters, you will be happy to see that they can be folded in half straight away, making it easy for commuters like yourself who need first and last-mile transportation to carry as you hop on a public commute, and then unfold it once you get off.  You can take them with you, anywhere, even on trains and subways.  As a compact and lightweight electric scooter,  you can also store the Mearth S and Mearth S Pro inside the building or at home in a corner.

Assuming it’s your first time buying an e-scooter, test how this portable electric scooter folds to see if it’s easy and handy for you to do so. Mearth S Series has a one-second folding mechanism which makes it quick and basically effortless to fold and unfold.  The S and S Pro are affordable foldable e-scooters that won’t drain the budget. The price point for the Mearth S is only $699. while the Mearth S Pro costs  $899.

Commuter Electric Scooters

Do you need to ride daily — to and from work, or do regular errands, or perhaps, go to school?  Then you’ll surely need to use a commuter electric scooter. Mearth RS Series – the RS, and RS Pro are both lightweight, foldable electric scooters that are built especially for daily rides in cities. The RS Pro also offers a smooth balance of affordability and superior quality. It can go to a maximum speed of 40kph, and a maximum range of 100 km/h. The Mearth RS costs $1,299 and Mearth RS Pro costs $1,499.

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Off-road Electric Scooters

City e-scooter riders who want a taste of adventure during the weekends can opt for an equally tough and reliable buddy — to ride on. If you’ve got the spunk to hie off to roads less traveled, you’ll find the off-road electric scooter Mearth GTS’ range at 70kmh and power a breeze.  Note that the rider’s weight capacity must be from 100-150kg.

The king of the road, the GTS Max is just what you need if you enjoy going on off-terrain rides. To say it’s a beast on rough, hilly landscapes and rocky road conditions is so true. Mearth’s GTS and GTS Max are high-performing, premium lines of electric scooters that are hardy as they come, sturdy too, fearlessly able to withstand any uneven landscape, with enough power to go through them.

The Mearth GTS Max has enough power and battery capacity to go a maximum range of 70-100 kmh. For the off-road ranger, the thrill-seeker, with a zest to go through hills or jagged terrains for some adrenalin rush, then the GTS and GTS Max off-road electric scooters will surely fill up your bucket list for spirited exploits.

Without a doubt, the duo is classified and categorized as premium and high-performance electric scooters that spell power, performance, comfort, and durability that is top caliber. If you want to invest in either of these road warriors, you will definitely get the best value for your money at $1,899.    for the GTS, and $2,599.    for the GTS Max.

There you have it. You now have a clear picture of what electric scooter to choose. Bear in mind that the right, best-performing electric scooter for you is the one that caters to all your needs, along with the price that fits your budget.

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