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How to Ensure Your Kids Are Skateboarding Safely



Kids Are Skateboarding Safely

Skateboarding can be an amazing activity to take part in with your children. It has been proven to be a massive boost both to their mental and physical health. Nonetheless, skateboarding is definitely not without its dangers. This means that you should be putting a whole host of different techniques into place in order to make sure that your kids are skateboarding as safely as possible.  If you want to ensure that your kids are as safe as they can be when they are riding a board, this guide has been specially created for you. Read on now for the complete overview.


Invest in the Proper Protective Gear

If you want your children to have the best possible time skateboarding, you need to make sure that they are properly protected. This means that they have proper shin-pads, kneepads, and helmets to ensure that in the event of a nasty fall, any risk to their person is massively minimised. Take a look over here to get your children the right triple 8 knee pads. Additionally, we are still living in the coronavirus era, meaning that it’s better to be safe than sorry and to keep your children masked up at all times to help limit the spread of the virus.

Engage Them in Proper Skateboarding Rules

Younger and younger children are skateboarding these days, including recently crowned Olympic winners. Nonetheless, these children didn’t just pick up the sport in the vacuum — instead they learned how to play it properly and repeatedly practise. While your children might want to emulate these heroes, it’s important that they learn how skateboarding properly is the best way to have fun. By following the rules when it comes to safety, your children will not only become better on the board but be less likely to have a nasty injury.

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Bring Suntan Lotion

Another risk that children face when they are outside skateboarding is the very real risk of getting sunburnt, which can lead to all kinds of nasty skin conditions and even skin cancer. This is especially important now, as even in the autumn months children can be at risk of sunburn. Make sure that you are getting the right skin lotion to reflect the skin tone and needs of your child. If you are not sure, then there is no shame in consulting with a pharmacist or your GP.

Keep An Eye on Them at All Times

To make sure that your children are safe at all times, it is very important to keep an eye on them. This is so if they do fall over, you are there at the ready with kind words and some plasters to help them get back up again with minimum fuss. This also means that you shoulddefinitely put your smartphone down, as many child injuries have recently been linked to parents unable to look away from their phones and make sure that they are keeping a proper eye on their children.

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