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7 Signs You Need a New Paddle Board



New Paddle Board

When it comes to stand-up paddleboarding, the most important thing is the paddle board you are using. If you cannot rely on your stand-up paddle board, you are setting yourself for frustration. Whether your paddle board is for recreation activities, SUP yoga, or SUP fishing, you need to have a good paddle board. Though ultimately you don’t want to be stuck with a paddleboard that is not meeting your expectations and making your experience more difficult than it needs to be.

Regardless of your reason for paddleboarding, it is important to evaluate whether you need a new paddleboard or not. Below are seven signs that show you need a new paddle board. 

Why you may need a new paddle board

  1. The paddle board is out-of-date

Whether you own an inflatable paddleboard or epoxy paddle board, it can be out of date. If your stand-up paddle board is over 4 years-old, you need to upgrade to a new one. Moreover, paddle board technology has improved over the years. 

Today, paddle boards companies are designing durable, rigid, and lightweight paddle boards. For instance, by purchasing the latest inflatable paddle boards, you are assured of a great paddling experience. Modern inflatable paddle boards are of high quality, 6 inches thick, and are double layered. 

  1. Your stand-up paddle board is not stable for you

Another sign that shows you need a new paddle board is when your board is not stable for you. If you have bought a paddle board but it is not stable or does not fit your lifestyle, you need to get another one. 

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Happily, if you realize it within a few months after purchase, some companies will allow you to return it. Most paddle board companies have a 60-day guarantee. Therefore, if you are not happy with the paddle board in the first 2 months, you can return it and get a new one. 

  1. You are now an advanced paddler

If you started paddling a few years ago and you have gained experience and skills, it is time to get a new paddle board. This is because beginners’ paddle boards are different from paddle boards for experienced paddlers.

experienced paddlers

Beginners’ paddle boards are more stable, wider, and have more volume that can confine you from enhancing your paddling skills. Therefore, upgrading your paddle board to one designed for advanced paddlers will give you the speed and performance you need as an experienced paddleboarder. 

Paddle boards for advanced paddlers are less wide, have less volume, and give you enough space to improve your paddling skills. But the boards are a bit harder to ride. 

  1. You do not have room to store your paddle board

Another sign that shows you need a new paddle board is when you do not have enough room to store your epoxy paddle board. Epoxy paddle boards are large and require enough storage rooms. They are big and not perfect for people with minimal space. Therefore, if it is a recurring issue, and it is becoming tedious, an inflatable paddle board is a good choice. As you advance your skills and performance in SUPing, you could be adding more boards that’s specific for the activity you’ll be doing or maybe you just love owning more boards.

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Inflatable paddle boards are great for people with minimal storage spaces in their homes. It is easy to store an inflatable paddle board in your bedroom, store, or any other place. 

  1. It is hard to travel with your paddle board

This is another problem for paddlers who own an epoxy paddle board. If you love going for road trips, vacations, or exploring new places, it might be a challenge to travel with your epoxy paddle board everywhere. This is because epoxy paddle boards are large and very solid. 

Thus, it might be a good idea to upgrade to an inflatable paddle board. Inflatable paddle boards are ideal for people who are always on the move and love exploring new paddling places. In addition, an inflatable paddle board is easy to fly on an airplane with. 

  1. The paddle board is not flexible enough

Nowadays paddle board companies are designing all-purpose paddle boards. This means a paddle board is not just for recreational purposes. You can enjoy SUP fishing, SUP yoga, SUP surfing, and much more with your modern paddle board. 

Therefore, if your paddle board does not allow you to practice yoga or you cannot enjoy SUP fishing, then you need a new paddle board. You need a paddle board that will provide enough room for all the activities. 

paddle board is not flexible

Having a flexible paddle board means you can do multiple activities all the time. Therefore, if your current paddle board is limiting you, you need a SUP that provides more range of activities, especially if you love fishing, yoga, or surfing. Inflatable paddle boards are more flexible than epoxy paddle boards. 

  1. You do not trust your paddle board

If you do not trust your paddle board, you need to get a new one. If you keep questioning if your paddleboard can make it through your next tip, that’s a sign you need a new board. Having a reliable paddle board will ensure you enjoy the water sport. Therefore, if your stand-up paddle board has issues, the best option is to purchase a new one. 

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If you love stand-up paddleboarding, you need to ride on a paddle board you can trust. Moreover, if it is hard to travel with your board, you do not have enough storage room, your paddle board is not flexible, or the board is outdated, you need to get a new one.

Remember, upgrading your paddleboard gives you so much room for other improvements in your skills and performance. Making an investment in SUP requires a decent amount of thinking and analysis, which means it is really advisable to research more on the paddle boards to ensure you get the best one for all your paddling activities. It’s never a bad time to invest in new things especially to activities you enjoy. Kick-off your summer and upcoming vacations with your new paddleboard.


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