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Extend the Lifespan of Your Running Shoes and Save Money



Lifespan of Your Running Shoes

Runners understand the benefits of high-quality shoes, and they should aim to invest in an excellent brand that considers their needs, interests, and financial capability. Running shoes are expensive, and when they are not cared for properly, they tend to wear out quickly. Runners must own running gears that can last longer and exhibit a value for their money. Low-quality shoes will cost you more since they will wear out faster, and you will be prompted to replace them every other day. Here are some recommendable tips that will lengthen the lifespan of your shoes and enable you to save.


Alternate Your Running Shoes

Purchasing multiple pairs of shoes can be expensive; however, they will save you a lot of hassle in the long run. Owning more than two pairs of shoes will help you distribute the wears. Alternating the wearing duration and giving each pair a break will enable them to last longer than expected. Purchasing multiple pairs of shoes enables them to last longer, saving you money. If you come across your favourite pair of shoes, buy them in multiples and take advantage of promos such as buy one get one free or at a halved price.

Wear Your Shoes for Their Intended Purpose

Use your shoes for their intended purpose. Different shoes are designed for distinct purposes and surfaces. For instance, wear racing shoes for races and trail shoes for trails. Using your shoes for the wrong purpose will break them down faster, and you will be prompted to empty your bank again to purchase new ones. It is advisable to wear your already worn shoes to run errands that do not require the same amount of structure and support.

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Dry Out Your Shoes

Moisture will highly contribute to the fast wearing out of your shoes. Do not keep your half-dried shoes in your closet or your car. It is essential to air dry your shoes separately with the insoles. Also, you can stuff your shoes with absorbent materials such as paper towels to completely absorb moisture. You should carry out the same approach if you sweat a lot or run through a water-filled trail. Dry out your shoes will boost their lifespan. Never dry your shoes in a dryer since it will break down the glue that holds the shoe together and accelerate the wearing-out process of the shoe.

Track Your Miles

Keeping track of your miles will enable you to predict how long your shoes will last. Mostly, shoes are replaced after they hit 300 to 500 miles. However, it depends on some factors such as the durability of your shoes, stride pattern, and weight. You can track the miles covered by the shoes by noting the first time you used the shoes and tallying your mileages weekly or manually. Also, you can make use of a GPS watch or a running app that will let you track your miles effortlessly. The running applications can help you monitor which shoes are durable and long-lasting.

Repair and Recycle Your Shoes

It is possible to repair your shoes. For instance, some elements wear out, but the overall structure is still intact. Repairing shoes helps to save money instead of purchasing new ones. You can repair shoes if you intend to save and invest in good quality. You can also use the fixed pair for other less intensive activities such as walking in the park with your kids or walking your dogs in the neighbourhood.

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Recycling enables you to save some money. Runners can recycle their worn-out shoes. They will be required to dispose of their worn-out shoes in a recycle bin at any Runners Need store and receive £20 off their new pair.

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