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Important Factors to be Considered Before Visiting Visa-Free Countries for Indians



Visa-Free Countries for Indians

When someone says, that they are travelling to another country, we generally assume about the requirement of a Visa. But certain countries can be visited by Indians without any Visa. Travel insurance is one of the most demanded insurances in today’s time as people travel so much due to their business work. Surprisingly, the travel insurance policies extend their implementation to such visa-free countries as well. Some people aren’t aware of these visa free countries for Indians.

Travelling internationally doesn’t always mean that you have to clutch to your visas and then only you can reap the benefits of the travel insurance that you have enrolled yourself into. If any financial losses are faced by the Indian visiting such places, he will be recovered from his loss partially or totally as per the agreement made with the travel insurance company. All the medical and other than medical services are included in such policies while a person is travelling.

It is very important to choose the right type of travel insurance company for getting the appropriate benefits. So while buying insurance makes sure that you are getting all such benefits. For this matter, if your insurance policy doesn’t include such claims, you may ask the company to customise the plans according to your requirements. If a person has an Indian passport, he can travel to up to 21 countries that don’t require a visa for Indians.

Let us know about some major factors that have to be considered by Indians before visiting such free visa countries.

  1. The decision regarding the place to visit

One should be well versed with the place that they have to visit. The hotel that they want to stay in, the nearby places and if there are any places to look up to, this should all be kept in mind while considering the place that you want to visit. Transportation is a major issue nowadays. Make sure that you visit a place where booking cabs or taxis aren’t a problem. You will be able to enjoy your trip only if you have the required transportation facilities to visit every place.

  1. Guidelines of country

The guidelines vary from country to country as every country is run differently when it comes to implementing rules. The major guidelines and advisories of the country that you are planning to visit should be checked upon before finalising the plan. Nowadays, the pandemic is not over yet. Some countries don’t allow people to enter their premises without having a valid Covid negative report or the certification of the first dose of vaccine. Therefore, such guidelines keep on changing from time to time. It is advised to keep a note of the current situation of the country that you are planning to visit.

  1. Personal Responsibility

One should be able to take up full responsibility for any discrepancy or losses that might occur on the travelling. One has to take care of his belongings and avoid taking any risks that may cost him his life. The person should not rely on the travel insurance company unfairly. He should always try to avoid mishaps. Make sure that you obey all the rules of the country that you are visiting. Avoid making any unhealthy and intentional mistakes for fun purposes.

  1. The expiration date of the travel insurance

While visiting such countries, the person should be aware of the expiration date of the travel insurance policy. Just in case, you are planning to stay in the country for about 3 months and your travel insurance is going to meet its expiration date in another 2 months. The travel insurance company will not be able to help you in case you face any mishaps while returning since your travel insurance has already expired. Therefore, it is very important to keep a track of the date of the expiration date. The travel insurance agreement should be thoroughly checked while signing it. The customisations can be made in case the required plan isn’t satisfactory to you.

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So these are the major factors that have to be checked upon while deciding to visit a visa-free country. All these factors are very vital and none of them should be neglected while making the decision. Care Insurance is one such insurance company that also offers travel insurance policies. It is one of the most renowned insurance companies that have gained the trust of its clients by working effortlessly. Investing money in such insurance companies not only helps you in times of emergency but also make sure that the basic requirements of the customers are fulfilled. They have been reviewed as a 5-star insurance company by their clients. So, don’t wait for the right moment to hop in, make use of the current moment and register you. Enjoy your trips without worrying about any mishaps.

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