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3 Factors to Consider When Creating a Brand Name



Creating a Brand Name

Creating a brand name can feel overwhelming and nerve-wracking because it often seems like only the most creative individuals can come up with a name that encompasses the unique personality and services of your new company. You no longer have to sit around and brainstorm a brand name completely on your own, thanks to the Brand Name Generator from Namify, but there are still a few helpful factors to consider when working on your new brand name, including:


  1. The Most Relevant Keywords

When using Namify’s name generator, you will be prompted to add at least two keywords into the text bar. This tool is completely free, so you can play around with several keywords and keyword combinations until you find a name that speaks to you and feels right for the brand. Typically, the more keywords you enter, the more specific your suggestions will be, so take some time to think about which words can truly encompass the demeanor of your brand.

These keywords can be descriptors, like “professional” or “elegant” if you want the generator to create a name with these words in them; however, the tool tends to work best when you stick to the keywords someone may type into a search engine to find a business like yours. For example, the keywords “clothing store women” is a commonly searched phrase, and it allows the generator to create brand names that are more likely to show up when someone types those keywords in.

  1. Which Category Your Business Fits Into

Your business may follow a more traditional business model, where you simply sell a common good or service, such as coffee or dental services. Your business may also be a more unique combination of goods or services, such as a clothing store/coffee shop. Either way, it’s important to consider which category within the generator your business fits into best.

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After you have typed in your keywords, you can select from several categories that help the generator further narrow down which names may be most relevant. You can, for example, select both “clothing” and “cafe” from the list to get ideas that are relevant to both aspects of your business if needed. You may find it helpful to experiment with several different categories on their own, or unique combinations of categories to find the best brand name for you.

  1. Other Filters

Some small business owners may know they only want a brand name that is just one word, or they may prefer those that rhyme. Namify’s name generator allows you to put in your unique preferences in the filters bar, which can include the number of words you want, which type of brand name style you’re looking for, and up to how many characters the name suggestions will have.

This handy feature can really narrow down the list of name ideas, which can make it less overwhelming to sort through.

Your brand name is one of the most important aspects of your business, but it has never been easier to get quality suggestions in seconds with Namify.

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