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How to Find Old College Friends Online



Find Old College Friends Online

Although people feel guilty about losing touch, it is not inherently wrong. It’s a normal part of life. Still, losing touch with college friends can make you judge yourself for being a bad person, etc. It’s hard for people to reach out because of this. Getting together again is the only way to be sure you’re reconnecting.

You have so much to gain by locating an old college buddy. It’ll be so much fun catching up. For many, their college years were the best in their lives. They were finally independent enough to move away from their parent’s home, but they didn’t have all the responsibility yet of looking for a job to start paying off their college loan – in the best-case scenario.


The Best Time to Reach Out?

There’s no best time to reach out. If you’re thinking about your friend, the time is now. Figuring out how to reconnect with your old college buddy can be as simple as sending a DM or a multi-stage campaign. Anything can happen when you decide to make the first move.

Few things are more exciting than the prospect of finding an old friend from college online. A combination of social networks, people finders, and other specialized services can be effective for anyone who wants to find an old college buddy on the internet. Here are some options to start working toward your future reunion.

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Use a Background Check Site

Many internet users take advantage of free or symbolically priced background check services to find people online. You can use one to track down a college classmate. Enter their name and city in the search bar and wait for the site to retrieve current details, including a phone number, an email address, and other information.

Once you have additional details, you can try to get in touch. Exercise caution when calling a number you got from a screening service. Introduce yourself and be polite. You must avoid making people feel uncomfortable. Consider that data from background check sites isn’t always the most reliable. Your old friend won’t necessarily be the one who picks up.

Turn to Social Media

LinkedIn and Facebook are both reliable options. LinkedIn users list current and former schools they attended on their user profiles. You can look up your college on both media, and you’ll connect to former classmates automatically. Of all alumni networks, LinkedIn offers the most options. You can also search by job position or location. Obviously, their name is where to start.

You can add people to your network, send other users emails, and edit your profile to get new connections. The bigger your network, the likelier you will be to find your friend.

Facebook was originally created to help college and high school friends reunite. Your friend might already be a member of your alumni network.

Two other sites you can use to look for your friends are Grad Finder and Alumni Online. Of course, their databases are far more limited.

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Send a Message

When you find a profile that might be theirs, muster the courage to send a message. If you lost touch over a falling out, don’t emphasize what happened back then. If it’s been a while and you don’t have much time to spend on this, send a very simple message. It can be just ‘thinking of you’ or ‘hi.’ There’s no need to make it long and complicated at all. People will be happy you have reached out.

Make Plans

You can start making plans once you’ve reached out and gotten a reply. They must be specific: a time and a place to meet. If you don’t make concrete plans, you’ll lose touch again. They are the basis for the next step of your friendship.

Staying Close With a Group of College Friends

One way to not lose touch with college friends is to find something the whole group likes and make a tradition of it. If you always need to think about new events and organizers, the get-togethers will start falling through. Your friends will want to reunite if you were genuinely close. If you make a tradition and stick to it, like playing paintball once a year, the foundation of your friendship will be far more solid.

Final Thoughts

Significant life changes usually follow people’s college years. If your old friend has changed, don’t be surprised. They will probably find that you have changed too. There’s no harm in this; it depends on how you react to change.

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