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The Role of the C&I Trainer in Education



C&I Trainer in Education

In the realm of education training, it’s one thing to become a teacher. It’s quite another to become a teacher of teachers. That is the case for a Curriculum & Instruction trainer. He or she is a primary, hands-on link for grade school and high school teachers to get the know-how they need to advance in their classroom performance as well as keep up with changes in their profession’s expectations for child education.


More Than Just Repeating the Same

However, simply training teachers to do what they already do in the classroom every day, or variations of the same, is not enough. The C&I trainer plays a unique role in helping current teachers elevate and evolve to their next level as education delivery specialists. Rather than focusing on how they perform the basics of classroom teaching, which most already know or they wouldn’t stay in their jobs for very long, they are instead challenged with finding new and more creative ways to advance their own skills and the educational concepts they provide.

In some respects, the most obvious evolution C&I trainers can provide comes in helping teachers understand the various possibilities coming online with regard to how to take advantage of technology. Based on the age bracket and the topics being taught, including science and math, the C&I trainer helps teachers see the possibilities of what they can do with new tools, as well as how to apply metric tracking to see where their help and teaching can be targeted better in a given classroom.

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Teaching How to be Creative in the Classroom

Key skillsets C&I trainers take on and execute involve helping teachers develop their own curriculum models as well as crafting overall class year strategies. It’s not enough to teach lessons alone; what does a teacher want to accomplish in terms of the big picture in a class year? The C&I perspective helps teachers see beyond the daily routine, memorization, and class drills to build pathways for real-time development in students.

The C&I perspective also helps teachers become far more receptive and prepared for cultural differences in today’s grade school and high school classes, a growing issue across the country. Rather than learning through trial and error, C&I trainers take on a proactive role that helps a school district move ahead of the curve versus always being reactive to it culturally.

Reaching Out Through Digital Networks

With an online C&I teacher approach, a trainer can achieve an even greater reach, which can be powerful in large districts that involve dozens and even hundreds of grade school teachers that need to be trained at the same time quickly. Rather than being just another zoom meeting session, a highly qualified C&I trainer can utilize online collaboration to bring out the imagination and energy in teachers again, sparking that interest that got them into the teaching profession in the first place with frequent, easy, and flexible contact support and curriculum building online.

Even more interesting, the online C&I teacher career can be specialized. It doesn’t automatically follow a generalist role. Instead, C&I trainers can become experts in helping with adult learner education, special education, online teaching, specialized topic teacher training, and more. No surprise, plenty of C&I trainers find a particular niche that is both appealing as a personal interest as well as being in high demand by the teachers that work in that particular field and need help in how to perform better with their students.

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An Alternative from the Administration Path

So, for those who think the classroom career stops at simply being a teacher and the only available next step is to become a school administrator, think again. C&I trainers today have an extremely robust schedule with lots of challenges, fields to work in, and school districts that need their help, especially as student populations continue to increase and both elementary and high school teachers need additional help to work smarter and better in their classrooms.

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