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How do Fix Keeps Stopping?


on Keeps Stopping

Nowadays, the number of Xiaomi and Redmi users has increased. But Xiaomi users were continuously facing problems with running co. g. app. Co. g app keeps stopping on Redmi y2, Redmi 8a, and Redmi 6. Users reported the problem many times to the company.

Co. g. app is a digital agency that aims to build a better online world for the people using their work and for the betterment of their clients. Co. g. app aims to combine intuitive user experience, elegant design, and thoughtful application of technology. That’s why they transform complexity into understanding.


Co. g. app Keeps Stopping

Due to updation in the android versions, it is very common to face these errors. Does the Co. g. app keep stopping? Are you looking for a better solution? Don’t worry about anything because this article will cover the complete details of the problem and the solution to the problem.

First, understand what the problem is actually. While performing standard tasks on an Android phone, you may often see a notification “Google Keeps Stopping.” This error message pops when you use the Google search bar or Play store to download any app. The problem’s solution comes in the notification pop-up, but people never understand. The problem Google keeps stopping is the same as the co. g., the app keeps stopping.

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If you are finding the solution for the co. g app stops working; then I will teach you how you can get rid of this error. “The application has stopped working” is one of the most common errors for Android users. I will teach you three methods to resolve the problem, and you can use any one method to solve your problem. If one is not working for your device, you can go for another, but at the end of using all the methods, you will surely get the solution to your problem.

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How to fix the Co. g. App crashing on your Xiaomi?

I will teach you three methods to resolve the issue of the co. g. app crashing on your Xiaomi phone. Sometimes one method doesn’t work for one phone due to updation in the android version. So you can use methods two and three to resolve your issue. By using any of one method from the three methods given, you will surely get the solution to your problem;

Method – 1

Search for Google Chrome in your phone browser. Then search services provided by Google Play in the search bar. You will see the Google Play Services app there, you have to click on it, and it will take you to Google Play Store. Update the Google Services app from the play store and follow the following steps;

  • Go to settings and click on the manage apps. You can search for manage apps in the settings search bar.
  • Select Show System Apps from the menu. Due to an updation in the android version, it can be Show All Apps.
  • Find the co. g. app and click on the storage of the app.
  • Now click on the clear data and select “OK.”
  • Now the Google Play Services app is transparent from the old crashed data, and it’s time to restart your phone.
  • Restart your phone and install the Google Play Services again if the update is required; this will fix the co. g. app crashing.
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Method – 2

Follow the following steps for the implementation of the second method;

  • When the app starts crashing on your phone, you will see a pop-up on your screen the co. g. app stopped operating. Click cancel on the pop-up, which will take two to three seconds, and the pop-up will show again.
  • In the meantime, go to settings and search for manage apps.
  • See in the top right corner and select the option show system apps.
  • Clear the data in apps and uninstall the Google Play Store, Google Play Services, and Google Update; it will delete all the information.
  • Then, search the Google Play store in your browser and install the Google Play Services and Google Updates.
  • It will resolve the issue of crashing the app on your phone.

Method – 3

  • If you are facing issues in both methods, you can download the updated version of the co. g. app from Google. Uninstall the previously installed app, clear all the data on the app, and install the downloaded one.
  • If it doesn’t work this way, you can use the MI app store to download the app. Go to GetApps by MI (MI’s default store for applications) and download the “Service Update Info.”
  • Then click on the app info, go to the Google Play Services setting and set it according to the method given above.

How to get rid of these errors permanently?

The problem “application stopped working” can be avoided if you take some safety precautions for your android device. These errors occur when there is an update in the Android version or an updation in the version of Android.

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I provided you with all the possible solutions to resolve these errors for the co. g. app. Moreover, the methods described above can be used for any application that stops working.


Why does Google keep stopping apps on my phone?

Software changes are mostly blamed for the “Google keeps stopping” problem (and other bugs). There is a good likelihood that a routine system update, an app update, or even a solution has triggered the error if it has recently started occurring.

How can I stop bugs on the MI phone?

  1. Open the Chrome app on your Android smartphone or tablet.
  2. The settings button is located just above the address bar.
  3. Click on Google Services.
  4. Activate or deactivate “Help improve Chrome’s features and performance.”

How do you fix MIUI bugs if any method is not working?

Open the “Services and Feedback” app from your app drawer if you want to report a bug on a Xiaomi device. Tap “Feedback” from the tabs that are displayed below. You can describe the bugs you run into while using MIUI on this screen and attach logs, screenshots, and other documents.

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