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Flowers in Jewelry: Beauty with Deep Meaning



Flowers in Jewelry

Jewelry is the final touch in a woman’s look. But a nice look isn’t the only thing we love trinkets for. Most of the time, they feature symbolism able to tell a lot about a person who wears it. When choosing jewelry, we listen to our heart and intuition. A symbol or imagery we gravitate to reflects the desires, goals, and hopes we nurture. When it comes to ladies, they have a soft spot for flowers jewelry, alluring and carrying a deep meaning. Would you like to know more about its significance? Then you’ve come to the right place.


The Meaning of Flowers Around the World

Historically, a flower is a long-standing symbol of life. Due to the shape of flowers, our ancestors believed that they symbolized the sun, circle, or center. In Southeast Asia, for instance, Lotus jewelry stands for the circle of life. It is a sacred flower associated with the entire Indian nation and Buddhism. According to shamans, flowers double as a point of transition to the other world. Some plants produce mind-altering psychotropic substances, so these beliefs are for a reason.

In Western Europe, flowers are considered harbingers of spring. They symbolize vitality, the joy of life, the end of winter, and the victory over death. In Christianity, a flower with leaves open upwards means the acceptance of a divine gift. Their petals symbolize the beauty of heaven. At the same time, flowers represent the cyclical nature of life: sprouting in spring, blooming in summer, withering in autumn, and dying in winter. These beliefs are still alive. By laying flowers on a grave, we emphasize the spiritual connection between flowers and the end of life.

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Aztec scriptures provide the following explanation to flowers: “Flowers rise and bloom, flowers grow and shine. The singing of flowers bursts out from within you … Our body is like a flower, it blooms and withers quickly … then your flower comes alive again, trembles and falls, and it turns into dust…” A similar meaning can be found in the Bible: “Our days on earth are like grass; like wildflowers, we bloom and die. The wind blows, and we are gone – as though we had never been here” (Psalm 103: 15-18).

Colors Matter, too

The color a flower feature adds a new layer of meaning to the symbol. The most common colors and their meanings are the following:

  1. White flowers talk about purity and innocence. At the same time, they refer to death;
  2. Red, being the color of blood, carries a symbol of life;
  3. Blue stands for mystery, devotion, and attraction;
  4. Yellow is a symbol of the Sun and heat.

Rose Jewelry and Its Meaning

Hands down, the most common flower in jewelry is a rose. While carrying the significance we specified above, your rose earrings, bracelets, pendants, rings, etc offer a new shade of meaning.

Let’s start with the ancient Greek myth of Adonis and Aphrodite. Adonis was a young man of unbelievable beauty, which helped him win the heart of the goddess Aphrodite. God Ares, out of jealousy, decided to kill Adonis when he was hunting. Aphrodite, after waiting in vain for the return of Adonis, went in search. She looked for her loved one everywhere, making her way through the bushes. Thorns tore the clothes of the goddess, made her face and hands bleed. Drops of Aphrodite’s blood fell on the ground and turned into roses. Since then, roses are believed to be the symbol of love and rebirth. And although the love story of Aphrodite and Adonis is filled with sadness, roses accompany people in various celebrations. Celebrations to honor the god of winemaking, Dionysus, also have a rose as the main attribute. People taking part in these celebrations wear wreaths of flowers on their heads. There is a belief that a rose neutralizes inebriating wine and allows keeping secrets that otherwise might be given away due to intoxication. Therefore, another meaning of the flower is secrecy. The physical manifestation of this meaning can be seen in churches. Chairs for confession are embellished with five-petal roses.

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In Christian culture, roses mean drops of blood shed by Christ. They are also a symbol of heavenly love. In contrast to the red rose, white ones are associated with death. Rose has a slightly different meaning in Chinese culture. Instead of love, it means youth. By giving flowers to a woman, a man can express admiration for her beauty. A flower necklace, which shape symbolizes eternity as if says “Your beauty is endless”. Earrings or a ring displaying a rosebud would be a great gift to a young lady since the bud symbolizes purity and innocence.

Faith necklaces are the perfect everyday reminder of the Christian faith. They started as a fashion choice but soon became catalysts of God’s love. Wear them with pride!

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