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How To Force The Car Dealership Into Giving You Heavy Discounts?



Car Dealership

Car sales representatives are notorious for ripping off unsuspecting customers. Complicating paperwork, complex regulations, and hidden add-ons are some areas that make customers fearful about visiting car dealerships.

Of course, car dealerships will want you to pay a premium buck every time you step into a showroom. They have the glistening showroom to maintain, pay high salaries to their sales reps, and invest in marketing and promoting their dealership.

All this means that it is the customer that is always at their vulnerable best. Let alone discounts, most dealerships upsell customers and trick them into paying an amount that is far higher than they should.

In this article, we speak with experts at a leading car dealership, Think One Automobile & Trading Pte Ltd. We ask them to share some tips and tricks that can help normal individuals and businesses to get the best discounts from car dealerships.


List of 5 things that can help you get discounts on your next vehicle purchase

  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Dealer Discounts-

Most customers do not know that the initial discounts that the dealer passes on as their own are usually the ones that the brand has offered. At all points of time, the brand manufacturing the vehicle has on offer some discount or the other. In addition to it, the dealer is entitled to offer discounts when they feel it would help them close the deal. You need to explore both.

  • Loyalty Bonus from the Brand-

Car manufacturers want their customers to stay in the brand itself. They want customers to elevate to a better and more expensive model after a couple of years. If you plan to do that, then you can claim a loyalty bonus that most reputed car brands have on offer. This is an investment that the brand makes to keep its customers within the company’s offerings.

  • Cash Offers and not Car Loans get you discounts-

You need to understand that for the dealer engaging with all the loan paperwork is taxing. They would much rather prefer cash payments. This removes the possibilities for cancellations later on as well. To get cash deals done, they will be more than happy to give you sizable discounts. If you can afford cash payments, it can entitle you to get huge discounts.

  • Colors, Trim Options, and Models-

Every car manufacturer has a host of models, trim options, and varieties on offer. However, not all of them are ruling the sales charts at every point. This means that some models are always heavily discounted from the brand end to clear out the inventory. You need to get the sales reps at the dealerships to open up about models that are enjoying the maximum discounts at a stage.

  • Compare Prices, Offers, and Discounts at Different Dealerships-

For most of us, car brands have multiple dealerships in different areas of the city. You can simply make a quick assessment of the final costs of the vehicle by comparing between the dealerships. Some dealerships might be carrying too much inventory and would want to offload the same making them offer you heavy discounts. You need to do your research.

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Car Dealership Tricks you should not fall for

According to experts at Think One, the following are some cheap tips and strategies that are employed by car dealerships-

  • A common way that dealerships make money is off accessories. They will try to push for accessories and might also say that you cannot buy a car without one. This is simply a trick, one that you should not fall for.
  • Selling extended warranties and insurance is also one way that dealers use to make customers end up paying more. More cars these days come with standard warranties of nearly three years. This is sufficient enough.
  • Explore all the Hidden Charges when you are finalizing the final prices. You do not want to see them when you are coming to the dealership to pick up the car. This is also something that dealerships do not inform about in the initial meetings.

The Final Word

An informed customer by using the points in the article will be able to extract the best price for their vehicle. If you have any more questions or require clarifications on any of the points mentioned in the article, let us know in the comments below. We will be more than happy to assist you.

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