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What is the Format of a Banker’s Verification Letter?



Banker’s Verification Letter

All of us have heard the phrase “Debit the receiver, credit the giver.” The word is the first golden rule of accounts that come to mind. But what is fundamental to this rule is that the receiver and the giver must both have a place where they keep their money for transactions. In other words, they must have a bank account to take part in almost every transaction that occurs in today’s world. That’s where the format of banker’s verification letter comes in.

A bank account enables a person to partake in the entire business world without any hindrances. Although in certain situations, it is required for the person who holds a bank account in a particular bank to display proof of their performance. That is where a banker’s verification letter comes in. A banker’s verification letter is proof from the bank to confirm that a user has a bank account in that certain bank.


Steps Involved in Writing a Bank Verification Letter

A bank verification letter is an essential document to prove a person’s bank account exists with a bank. It is used on various occasions as and when it is required. But a bank verification letter cannot have different information every time it is drafted. Instead, there is a proper format for what information must be mentioned on the bank verification letter.

  • Name of the Person or Entity who has requested the bank verification letter to confirm another person’s identity and bank account details.
  • Bank details include the address of the bank, the IFSC code of the bank, and the bank’s branch.
  • Name of the account holder or the person whose bank details need to be confirmed.
  • The bank account number of the person whose bank details are being confirmed.
  • Date when the account holder’s bank account was opened.
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The outstanding balance of the account holder at the time of the request for the bank verification letter.

Bank verification letter format

The bank verification letter differs from bank to bank, and usually, you would have to ask the bank to get a copy of the bank verification letter, which you can later submit for the purpose. But there are a few common variations of the bank verification letter format as shown;


Name.: …….........

Title.: …………….

Organization.: ………….


Dear Mr. /Ms. Full Name.: ………...

Sub: Bank Account Verification Letter

Body of the letter containing the information detail about the person whose bank details need to be confirmed.


Requester’s Name



Always ensure that any bank details given to you are verified using the banker verification letter. The banker verification letter must only be sought from the bank and not from any other sources.

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