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CRM for Banks



CRM for Banks

The complex solution banks CRM is designed to automate work with both retail and corporate clients of the bank. The solution provides the fastest and most transparent system for evaluating loan applications and sales of financial services, reducing banking risks and increasing the speed of decision-making.

Solution efficiency:

  • Consolidation of all information on interaction with bank customers.
  • Single entry point and single information base for bank employees.
  • Automatic process of calculating loan parameters (loan calculator) and the ability to consider an application in a fully automatic mode.
  • Flexible, customizable sales process and process steps depending on the bank’s regulations.
  • Setting goals and monitoring their achievement.
  • Operational control of managers’ activities.
  • Formation of reporting in various aspects.
  • Retail lending automation.

Creation and maintenance of a base of potential customers

Customer data coming from external sources (call-center, website, e-mail) is registered in the system. All contacts are distributed among the responsible managers in accordance with the bank’s regulations, which allows us to promptly respond to a potential client’s request. The entire history of interaction with the client is recorded and available for viewing.

Automation of the processes of acceptance and consideration of loan applications

The system registers the received loan application and checks for an existing client. The calculation of the terms of the full cost of the loan is implemented using a loan calculator. The system supports integration with BKI, Scoring and ABS and analyzes the received data to make a decision on the further passage of the application. After analyzing the stop factors, the loan application is checked by the security department and the underwriter, and a corresponding conclusion is formed, which, in turn, is registered in the system. If the client decides to refuse the loan, it is also registered. If the parameters of the requested loan are changed, the application may be revised.

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Communication of results

Based on the results of making a decision on granting a loan, the bank manager and the client are informed. The manager is informed by sending him a letter by e-mail and setting a task to invite the client to sign the contract. The client is informed about a positive decision by e-mail or SMS.

Reporting and analysis

The CRM for Banks solution and marketing automation for b2c contains a number of ready-made reports and allows you to evaluate the activities of the credit department in various aspects: reporting by regions, reporting by sales offices, reporting by a specific employee, and other reports.

Electronic credit dossier

Based on the data of the CRM system, a unified electronic credit dossier of the bank’s clients is formed – a structured set of folders and files containing documents that are provided by the client, are created by the system automatically or generated by the bank’s employees. Access rights to customer information are limited in accordance with internal regulations. The credit dossier is formed in Microsoft SharePoint Server and is integrated with the CRM system.

Working with leads and sales automation

The solution contains functionality for working with leads/opportunities. Opportunity products contain all information about the services and bank products sold to the client at all stages of interaction with the client. Several products can be entered for one opportunity. Proceeding through custom stages of an opportunity is either through closing actions with a specific outcome or explicitly.

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