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Get Better Mattress Cleaning Results By Following 3 Simple Steps



Mattress Cleaning

Mattresses are the serious pieces in terms of investment and you can’t invest to buy them at the end of each year or season. Therefore, you should surely need to learn how to clean and maintain your beds. So, you can save a lot in terms of investment as well as quality. No doubt, expense and investment are not the only reason to maintain and clean the mattresses. But mattress steam cleaning is also necessary to live and enjoy a healthy life within a healthy living environment.

You need to clean and maintain your beds regularly to keep them free from mites, bugs and germs. Otherwise, you may suffer from a lot of allergies and health issues just because of these pesticides. Moreover, it’s also necessary to enjoy a good sleep into a healthier and comfortable environment surrounded with no pollutants.

Most of the people think it’s too much difficult to clean the beds or mattresses at home. But it’s not true because cleaning is easier for well-maintained and regular treated mattresses. However, it may be challenging for filthier and inappropriately handled mattresses. To reduce your time and effort for cleaning the mattresses, we are here to discuss a few guidelines that will surely help out you. So, you can enjoy a good sleep on bugs and mites-free mattress.

1. Upper Surface Cleaning:

After deciding about the cleaning of the mattresses, you firstly need to remove or move out all the covers and sheets from the upper surface of the beds. Cleaning of the mattress without cleaning these covers and sheets are useless. So, move them out and wash in the washing machine with the help of lukewarm water and a mild cleaner.

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However, you don’t need to wash out covers and sheets every day. Washing the end of each week is more than enough. But the washing pattern and period also depend on the type and quality of cover’s fabric. On the other hand, washing or cleaning of covers is necessary in the case of marks and spots on it.

Cleaning With The Help Of Vacuum Cleaner:

Never use a same and normal routine vacuum cleaner for mattress cleaning especially when you don’t know about the type and specifications of your mattress. However, it’s better to use an upholstery attached cleaner for this purpose because it may offer effective and mild results for your beds without any damage.

On the other hand, it will easier to clean out all the surfaces of the beds with the help of this type of vacuum cleaner instead of a normal vacuum cleaner. So, if you want healthier and deep cleaning of the beds then go for this type of vacuum cleaner.

Treat Stains And Spots:

After vacuuming the upper surface of your beds, now it’s time to remove or treat stains and spots on the beds with the help of a gentle stain remover. However, don’t apply the product directly on the mattress. But if you are using the natural ingredients such as baking soda and lemon juice then you can simply apply on the spot. But if you are using the professional product then it’s better to use it with all the cautions.

To treat the hard stains or marks, you may need to apply a little bit hard product or chemical. For this, it’s better to use an enzyme-based product to treat these stains or marks. But try to move out or soak out all the moisture after treating the stains or spots. Otherwise, moisture will lead to more issues and problems such as build-up inside the surface of the beds.

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2. Vacuuming After Treating Spots:

Once you have done with spots and stains on the beds, now, you need to treat the mattresses again with the help of vacuum cleaner to remove all the residues and debris on it. Vacuuming after removing stains or spots will help to refresh the beds by making it cleaner. Most of the professional mattress steam cleaners also prefer to steam clean the mattress after removing or treating spots to get the desired results.

Moreover, it will also help to remove all the residues of professional stain removal from the surface of beds to minimize the risks and damages due to their hardness. Besides this, once you have done with vacuuming, flip the surface and side of the mattress. It will help to keep the beds into their original form and structure.

On the other hand, it will save the mattresses from deforming due to pressure as well as dirt and dust due to higher exposure to light.

Application Of Protector On The Mattresses:

Once you have done appropriate or professional mattress steam cleaning,Now, it’s time to protect and secure the beds from further build-up and permanent marks due to dirt and dust. For this, you can apply a high quality or professional protector that is specially designed for the beds on it. It will provide resistant against stains and permanent marks to the mattresses. On the other hand, it will also increase the productivity and functionality of the mattresses by preserving it for a long span.

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3. Check Manufacturer’s Instruction For A Better Selection Of Cleaning Format:

Before selecting any cleaning process or format, you should have complete knowledge about the specifications and type of your bed. For this, you should follow the guidelines and instructions provided by the company or manufacturer for appropriate mattress steam cleaners.

Moreover, it’s better to use a normal steamer as compared to the hard steamer to do the steam cleaning of the beds by yourself. It will offer better cleaning with the help of low pressure and doesn’t damage your bed.

However, it’s better to do the cleaning of the beds in sections to complete the task efficiently and within time. After the completion of this process, you should need to leave the mattress for drying completely or appropriately. For this, you can turn on fans as well as ventilators to allow the fresh air entering inside the room or living area.

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