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What are the Characteristics of an Organic Mattress?



Organic Mattress

So, you are thinking to use an organic mattress. It is a wise decision. The organic mattresses leave a cooling and soft impact. For most users, it is the most eco-friendly option. It comes with various benefits like suitable for sensitive skin, naturally anti-bacterial, temperature–regulating, and many others.

The characteristics of an organic mattress are several. These are ideal for the users because these easy to care for and come with a fast-drying property. Due to this factor, you can wash these items in your home laundry. These products are breathable and waterproof. You were searching for organic mattresses suitable for your bed size and ages, then the thing in this direction. You will come to know that the organic type of mattress is the perfect item for your family and others. These are available in a variety of designs and colors as per your desire, taste, and style.


What organic mattresses are made of?

Not all organic mattresses are designed equal. These are designed with the 1005 viscose, and in the market, it is famous with the name of therayon. The 100% Modal is formed with the same chemical process as viscos; however, this fabric is designed with the extra-processing.

For making your bedding classy and beautiful, choose bedding accessories carefully. It comes with a support base for your mattress. The extraordinary advantage of these bamboo organic mattresses is to offer beauty as well as comfort.

Organic mattresses review

Aside from personal preferences, you will enjoy the comfort and lavishness of the organic mattresses for sure. Go easy on your wallet with the organic mattress. These are formed with bamboo-derived rayon with microfiber, and these are available with five-star quality. You will love the silky and smooth feel of the fabric on your body. It comes in an impressive 43 colors to match any décor.

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Organic material is sustainable, breathable, antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and wicking moisture away from your skin. These items are designed with wrinkle-resist technology, and the deep pocket makes it the right fit for you. No doubt, you will love using the mattress.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy to clean
  • Cost-effective
  • No shrinking rate
  • 100% viscose from bamboo
  • Suitable for all bed sizes
  • Fits the mattress
  • The package contains two pillowcases, a fitted organic mattress, and a flat organic mattress
  • Thermal regulating

Who does not love wrinkle-free and lavish bedding? The mattress is ideal for providing you sound sleep without making you restless at night. You can use these organic mattresses in all seasons.

  • Easy to dry, washable, and easy to clean
  • Comes ready to gift in premium packaging
  • Fits all mattress types from thick to thin
  • Allergy resistant, wrinkle-free, ultra-soft
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Have you ever noticed that you can sleep better if the bedding is comfy? It is true; your organic mattress plays a key role in your sleep. It provides relaxation to your tired nerves, and this factor improves your sleep quality. If you are suffering from itchy, sweating, and slipping on the organic mattress, then you will be uncomfortable. It is time to change your organic mattress. The creamy smoother organic mattress offers you a blissful sleep throughout the night. Now, old traditional cotton organic mattress is outdated.

When we talk about bedding, we always think about comfort. While searching for a new organic mattress, the most important feature on our list is comfort. The only reason anyone must get the organic mattress aside from their design is to get coziness. It is ultra-fine, and breathable material that ensures you get a comfortable sleep in the night.

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comfortable sleep in the night


Next comes quality after comfort. A high-quality material can offer comfort and blissful sleep. This unique fabric is one of the most lightweight, stretchable, and breathable materials on the market. Not only this, it allows you are feeling clean refreshed when you wake up. The fabric comes with the resist wrinkling, pilling, stains, and odor. You will love the color combinations and contrasts because these organic mattresses are available in a variety of colors and designs like burgundy, royal blue, turquoise, sage green, simplistic neutrals, and many more.


As time passes, people have an awareness of eco-friendly material. They prefer using organic products to save their loved one’s health. A brand produces for the users is eco-friendly. Yes, this is the product that is designed with 100% renewable sources of energy. Therefore, its eco-scores by fair are 8.0.


Bamboo’s moisture-wicking and breathable characteristics assist circulate airflow, whisk away excess body heat, and many more. It helps to get rid of the excess body heat for a cooler sleep in the day and night both. The organic mattress stays cooler as compared to the cotton because the material carries thermal-regulating characteristics that balance the body temperature when you are sleeping.

The smooth–creamy organic mattress is manufactured with bamboo rayon from the hypoallergenic polyester microfibers and bamboo plant. It wicks away your body’s oils and sweat, eradicates bacteria, and saves you from skin allergies and rashes.

Due to its wonderful composition, the sustainable bamboo fabric lets easy passage of air. Therefore, it is the best breathable option for bedding in your home. No doubt, this is the best item that can provide you a cooler effect in summer. However, these are feeling silkier, and the majority of the people have the concept that it will be warm on hot days, but the fact is the opposite.

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Easy Maintenance

The majority of the women struggle a lot with the routine of maintaining their beddings. No doubt, it is too much work to have to sun-dry, dry, and wash the items all over again. Well, if it is too much or a hectic task for you, then try sleeping directly on your matters.

Bottom Line

We all know that bamboo is one of the renewable and fastest-growing sources on earth. It is used to making these mattresses, and it is an eco-friendly process that saves the world from different harms. The bamboo organic mattress is naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial, resisting bacteria, and keeps your organic mattresses cleaner for longer. In this way, it avoids hidden allergens and sickness. You will wake up refreshed every morning without any skin rash or other respiration issues.

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