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6 Simple Steps to Get Rid of Pests at Home



Get Rid of Pests at Home

With the seasons changing, you might be wondering how to keep your home at a constant temperature without inviting unwanted guests in. Whether you are struggling with moth infestations, or want to get rid of fleas or ants, there are some options for you to get rid of any pests as well as discourage them from coming back. From pest killers to preventatives, we’ve got you covered with this carpet moth killer kit. You can keep the coziness and warmth of carpets and rugs without worrying about possible pests inhabiting your home with this. There are a few different options to choose from when it comes to pest control in the home. Depending on what your preferences are in terms of chemical use, natural options, or even plants you can introduce, there are plenty of options to get rid of the pests and keep them gone.


Carpet Treatment

Carpets and rugs can be one of the biggest hubs for unwanted guests such as moths, fleas, and other invasive creatures. The above link offers an affordable solution if you want to tackle moth elimination as well as eggs and larvae. Not to mention, it can be highly effective at keeping moths out as well as ensuring that they stay out. This treatment is effective for up to three months and is a great way to tackle carpets without needing to remove them.

Treating your carpet or even getting it professionally cleaned can make the whole house feel cleaner and more inviting. Knowing that you have removed pests from a room is bound to help you feel more relaxed, comfortable, and less stressed when at home. Not to mention, you won’t be as worried about your pets lying on rugs and carpets if you know that they aren’t going to come down with anything as a result.

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Essential Oils

This technique is more of a preventative, but just as effective at ensuring pests stay away. Not only will essential oils add a pleasant scent to your home, but common fragrances are often ones that insects don’t like. Lavender, cinnamon, and citrus are some of the most widely avoided smells by common houseflies. Put some essential oils in a diffuser or even dab some onto a cloth and wipe around window frames in order to discourage pests.


If you are more green-fingered, a natural option is to introduce fly and pest-repelling plants or flowers to your garden. This can allow a diversity of scents, as well as allow your other plants to thrive. Lavender not only repels mosquitoes and other common insects but is a favorite for honey bees. If you enjoy watching bees retrieve pollen, this might be a great addition to your garden because it has a pleasant scent and added calming properties. Herbs with strong smells are also highly effective at repelling other insects, these include basil, rosemary, and mugwort.

Glass Bulb

This option requires the least amount of effort and can be very low maintenance. Fill a glass with water and let it sit in the sunlight. It will naturally reflect into the room, which confuses flies and repels them. Many flies do not like refracted light because it affects their eyes, and they don’t understand it. One drawback of this method is that it covers a smaller area, not to mention that it takes longer to come into effect.


One of the most common household pests is ants. Generally, they are looking for crumbs and other food that has been unattended. Ants enjoy sweet things, as do many other insects. A simple step to keeping pests away is to ensure crumbs are cleaned up and that any mess gets dealt with before the day is up. Additionally, a lot of common cleaning products contain insect-repelling scents like citrus.

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Seal Hiding Spots

Mice are another common pest that invades the home and can hide for long periods of time. One way to tackle this and prevent mice from coming back is to seal small holes and nooks where they might enjoy hiding or nesting. If you have any additional concerns, consult a specialist such as an exterminator or even pest control forums.

Overall, changing your cleaning regime can be a very effective way to tackle pests within the home because it allows new scents to discourage and drive them away. Fill your home with fragrances like citrus, cinnamon, and lavender to get rid of insects and moths. For more information about tackling specific pests, check out the link above. If you live in a house on stilts or vaults, it is also worth getting a specialist to assess the crawl space underneath to ensure no creatures are hiding where they shouldn’t be. Keeping your house clean can be one of the most effective and reliable ways to get rid of smaller pests.

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