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Growing Cannabis: When to Start Flowering



Growing Cannabis

Growing cannabis is a rewarding venture that takes time and attention to detail. When someone grows cannabis, they need to understand the different stages of growth so they can take appropriate action. Learning about the flowering stage is critical for those wanting to increase their bud yield.


How Long Does It Take to Grow Cannabis Plants?

From start to finish, the process typically takes about 5-8 months. During this time, cannabis plants go through many changes, eventually resulting in a harvest of buds. When growing cannabis indoors, growers can control the stages and even force flowering, depending on the strain. Knowing¬†when to start flowering will help cannabis cultivators take action to improve their plants’ growth.

Understanding the Flowering Stage

The flowering stage is critical for the harvest. How the plant grows and the nutrients and light it receives will impact how many buds grow. The flowering stage generally takes around 8 to 11 weeks, depending on the strain.

During the flowering stage, cannabis plants need a light change. The plants will require 12 hours of light and 12 hours of complete darkness each day. This stage is the final stage of growth. At this stage of growth, cannabis plants begin developing resinous buds.

It usually takes around 8-9 weeks from germination for a cannabis plant to enter the flowering stage. Some strains of cannabis can take longer. Sativa varieties are especially slow to enter the flowering stage.

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Those who grow cannabis indoors have the option of triggering the flowering stage earlier. Growers simply need to reduce the light the plants receive from 18 hours a day to 12 a day.

What Happens During the Phases of the Flowering Stage?

There are three main subphases of flowering stage growth. New growers need to learn about these subphases so they can ensure their plants receive the essential nutrients they need for healthy growth.

  • Flower initiation takes 1-3 weeks. During this subphase, the cannabis plant continues to grow, and female plants will begin to develop pre-flowers. Small pistils or white hairs will begin to grow, which is the beginning of the buds.
  • The mid-flowering subphase occurs during weeks 4-5. During this subphase, the plant will stop growing, and the buds will begin growing larger and fatter.
  • The late-flowering or ripening subphase occurs from week 6 and onward. This subphase leads to greater trichome density, causing the plants to become very sticky. During this subphase, growers should keep an eye on the pistons. As the pistons change from yellow to orange, the buds are ready to harvest.

Tips For the Flowering Stage of Growth

Cultivators need to be aware of some warnings and tips during the flowering stage of growth. Being aware of these will help growers obtain the largest and healthiest harvest of buds possible.

  • Growers should never prune their cannabis plants during the flowering stage because it could result in hormone disruption and prevent bud growth.
  • Scrogging or trellising is essential during the flowering stage. The weight of the buds can place undue pressure on the cannabis plants and cause them to break. With scrogging or trellising, plants get the support they need.
  • Giving the plants phosphorous during this time helps with bud production. Growers will also find special bloom blends available to help them grow larger buds.
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Get Started Growing Today

Growing cannabis is not overly difficult. The flowering stage of growth is one of the most exciting for growers. It is during this stage that the true potential of cannabis plants comes to life.

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