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Hemp Oil as a Natural Energy Booster



Hemp Oil

Hemp has been used as a natural remedy throughout history to treat everything from digestive problems to poor sleep. In recent years, though, the benefits of hemp have become well known within Western cultures.

Until recently, hemp products were considered niche products mainly found in specialist health stores. A combination of increased focus on research and an effort to raise awareness has meant that many people are now aware of the benefits of hemp supplements.

People are benefiting from hemp products, like Premium Jane’s CBD oil to boost their energy levels and improve motivation.

Many energy enhancers such as energy and sports drinks contain a long list of artificial ingredients. On the other hand, CBD oils and hemp oil products offer many of the same energy-boosting effects only in a completely natural way.

So, how do hemp oils work, and are they really an effective way to boost energy levels?


What Is Hemp Oil?

Hemp oils contain a combination of cannabinoids and terpenes extracted from hemp plants and combined with some form of carrier oil. These two ingredients come together to make an oil mixture that can then be used in various ways as a natural health supplement.

Most hemp brands offer several variations on this very simple formula, giving customers more choices when it comes to things like dosage and flavor profiles.

For example, it is common to add ingredients such as terpenes and fruit extracts to enhance the taste. The most common and simplistic way to use hemp oils is in the form of sublingual drops, where the flavor profile is an important factor.

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It is also increasingly common for brands also to offer a range of hemp oils containing ingredients that enhance the effects in a particular way.

One common addition is caffeine, used to boost the energizing effects of hemp. Another option is melatonin or calming herbs that pair with hemp’s naturally relaxing effects.

What Science Is There to Support Using Hemp as an Energy Booster?

Hemp as an Energy Booster

There are two ways hemp oils can be used to boost energy levels. Firstly, certain cannabinoids and terpenes are known for temporarily increasing energy levels.

Secondly, hemp plant compounds have also been found to encourage both physical and mental relaxation and may be used as a sleep aid.

The combination of better quality sleep and a slight energy boost during the day pair perfectly, making hemp oil an excellent option for regulating the sleep-wake cycle.

Research into how hemp oils affect energy levels has found that many cannabinoids within hemp oil act as wake-promoting agents. Hemp oils provide the body with a small burst of energy similar to caffeine, can have trigger receptors in the body, and improve motivation.

During various studies on how hemp affects energy levels, it was also found that the cannabinoid CBD ‘provides a putative mechanism of action’ within the body, which has been shown to affect sleep positively.

While it might seem strange to promote as a method for boosting energy levels and better sleep quality at the same time, it makes sense that one improves the other. CBD improves the length and quality of sleep, resulting in better energy levels the following day.

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The Best Ways to Use Hemp Oils as a Natural Energy Booster


There are several ways that hemp oils can be used to boost energy levels effectively. The best option will depend on several variables, such as time of day and the reason you need energy.

Firstly, it is important to consider whether your poor energy levels result from a bad night’s sleep or a longer-term sleep issue. If sleep is the cause of low energy levels, it is best to add a calming hemp oil into one’s evening routine.

In many cases, simply improving sleep quality is enough to prevent a sudden loss of energy and motivation during the day.

Alternatively, suppose sleep is not the issue, and instead, you need a slight energy boost to get through a specific task or activity. In that case, it is better to opt for caffeine-infused hemp oil or similar.

For example, a hemp oil energy drink can be highly effective before physical aNatural Energy Boosterctivities like going to the gym or playing sports. The sudden feeling of energy and motivation that such products can give can help to improve performance and enjoyment while participating in physical activities.

It is important to remember that everyone reacts to hemp oils and products in a slightly different way and that it is best to start with a low-dose product and adjust from there according to how your body reacts.

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