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How to Grow Your Ecommerce Store with Facebook Messenger Marketing



Facebook Messenger Marketing

What started as a casual messaging forum in 2011 has now grown into a full-fledged marketing medium. Facebook has been ruling the eCommerce market industry for quite a while now. Facebook marketing provides consumers all over the world with an opportunity to sell their products and services.

Although businesses require a solid marketing strategy to be able to execute their plans into action, Facebook provides all businesses with an equal opportunity to sell their products. If you are struggling with creating an online marketing campaign through Facebook, then this is just the right place for you!

Dive in to learn all about Facebook Messenger marketing and how it can help your eCommerce store grow.

Ways Facebook Messenger Marketing Can Help Grow E-Commerce


Adding Messenger Sales Channel

Shopify has made it incredibly easy to sell things. This is probably the reason why it is being used by over 600, 000 stores! Therefore, using the sales features provided by Shopify will open a whole new range of options for your customers.

You will be adding a menu to your chat along with your store. People will be guided to the list of products or services once they click on the “Shop Now” button. Moreover, your customers will be able to receive all kinds of updates through their Facebook messenger, which further enhances their shopping experience.

The best thing about integrating Shopify with your Facebook Messenger is that you don’t need a lot of time to implement. Once you have connected your Facebook Messenger to Shopify, the rest will be automatically taken care of!

Adding Live Chat Feature

Adding a live chat feature will increase the shopping experience tenfold for customers. The point of adding a live chat feature such as Manychat will allow users to type their queries and stay in the store for as long as they like.

The live chat feature is a small pop-up that appears on the corner. In case this feature is not incorporated, then the users are directed to a new tab, which makes it inconvenient for the shoppers.

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Another advantage is that the user who has started a conversation will be added to the subscriber list, which is a useful way to gather information for the sellers as they can send their customer’s different promotional messages and updates. Long gone are the days of building a subscriber list when you can simply install tools like Manychat!

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Taking Care of Abandoned Carts

Abandoned carts are common if you are running an eCommerce store. However, they can be extremely useful if you are keeping track of the emails that you are getting. Let’s look at it this way – the people who have abandoned carts have intended to purchase your product and have most likely entered their email addresses.

These could be the easiest leads to convert into potential buyers! But the real question is: How can Facebook Messenger help convert these leads?

The first thing you will need to do is install a Shopify application such as Octane AI. There are plenty of other applications that fulfill the purpose, but Octane AI stands out due to its remarkable features due to the additional features like pop-ups, FAQs, cart abandonment, etc.

Moreover, you are also in a position to sync audience lists, which can help you enhance your lead conversion process. Once you have all these features added to your Facebook Messenger, you may send specific reminders to your customers via Facebook messenger, email, or Instagram.

Run a Facebook Messenger Giveaway!

Yes, you heard that right. Giveaways have become a popular way to earn followers and gain attention from businesses and social media influencers. Most internet marketing services suggest their customers host a giveaway as the quickest way to build their subscribers list.

The best thing is that a Facebook messenger giveaway will be running on its own. All you have to do is set up the giveaway once, and you can run it as many times as you want. Moreover, the winner will also be decided automatically. Marketing has never been so easy! Therefore, you may check several sites to get cheap Facebook likes as well.

Initiate a Customer Loyalty Program

Returning customers form a huge chunk of sales and revenue. Businesses that take care of their returning customers are indeed successful! There are plenty of ways you can show your regular customers that you value them.

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One of the ways to do it is through a Customer Loyalty Program. You may use an application to implement a customer loyalty chatbot – here’s how you can go about it. A customer loyalty program through ManyChat works with a 50 point sign-up bonus given to the customer on their first purchase.

Once they have completed their purchase, they are given a link through which they can update their total points. With each purchase, the customers are granted certain points. These points will eventually be turned into rewards.

Upon making a purchase, the customer will be directed to Facebook Messenger, and the customer will be asked their email address along with a welcome note. Once the customer reveals their email address,ManyChat will utilize their in-built features to display their total points up to date.

The customer may choose to redeem their points, or they may choose to let their points accumulate before they can make a bigger purchase. Unlike traditional loyalty programs, ManyChat works on autopilot. All you need to do is set it up once –after that, it will function automatically.

Facebook Messenger Bots – Working and Limitations

Your Facebook Messenger will reach out to people in the same way as regular email marketing. You may start with creating a list of subscribers and then eventually move to send out broadcast messages to your pre-defined list.

So what makes Facebook Messenger bots different? It’s probably the integration of Artificial Integration that makes this tool superior to traditional email marketing methods. Messengers can be programmed to respond to customers and cater to their queries specifically.

This makes interaction via messenger more personalized. Moreover, marketers can also create different quizzes or surveys that can be used to guide the customers on what product they would like to buy.

Messengers are also better as compared to emails as they have a higher click-through rate, and this is why they are perceived as a more personalized and friendly medium of communication as compared to emails.

On the other hand, email marketing doesn’t cost you anything. Regardless of the cost that comes with Facebook messenger marketing, it continues to be one of the most popular mediums of marketing with guaranteed results and click-through rates.

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However, like all other marketing mediums, this one also comes with its fair share of disadvantages. Facebook messenger requires businesses to pay in case they want to send promotional messages to the list of subscribers.

Moreover, Facebook Messenger marketing leaves the messenger vulnerable to abuse and cyber attacks. To counter these attacks, Facebook has released its guidelines to businesses to help with safe and secure communication.

One of the guidelines says that you may only send messages to a user 24 hours after their last response. This helps to control spamming and limit useless messages from floating around.

Here are the 3 types of messages that you may send on your Facebook messenger.

  1. Promotional Broadcast: As the name suggests, Promotional Broadcast includes messages regarding sales and promotions. These may only be sent to those subscribers who have been active in the past 24 hours.
  2. Non-Promotional Broadcast: These kinds of messages can be either of the following categories: live chat update, confirmed order update, account update, or another similar action.
  3. Subscription Broadcast: This feature is only valid for those whose eCommerce store has been approved by Facebook as a news site. You will then be able to send out subscription broadcast messages which do not include promotional material or ads.

Sending out promotional messages via Facebook Messenger can be a little tricky. Even if someone has subscribed to your list, you can still not crowd their inbox with messages. You can only interact with them once the subscriber has interacted with you.

This is where brands are required to wear their creativity caps. Rather than promoting sales, it is better to message the person something that they are compelled to reply to or ask about. Following Facebook, guidelines are a must when you are interacting with customers or face the risk of being banned.

Ending note

Marketing is becoming more and more competitive. With trends changing every day, there is always a race among brands to be ahead of each other. At a time like this, it is important that businesses are equipped with the latest tools and technologies to be at the top of their game.

Our article has shed light on the different ways that Facebook messenger can be used to attract customers, increase the subscriber list, and successfully convert leads into buying customers. There are many other ways through which Facebook Messenger marketing can be utilized to improve brand visibility and awareness on all kinds of social media platforms.

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