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Top 10 TikTok Trends That Makes Your Profile Get Popular



TikTok Trends

TikTok has frequently made a powerful impact on the social media world. TikTok aims to help every marketer and individual to promote their brand to a loyal audience. It is absolutely an excellent source to spread your products and services to Gen z users. 

So, when you already started marketing on TikTok, here are some trending reports and facts that will help you to get featured on the TikTok app. 


Trend 1: Remixing 

Remixing is one of the trending content formats that has become more popular on TikTok in recent days. There are lots of people who try to recreate another user’s content with specific hashtags. It is similar to user-generated content, and it is the art of taking another user’s content, format, or ideas and recreate videos that express a brand’s personality or ideas. 

Remixing videos are growing in popularity on every social channel in recent days, especially on TikTok. TikTok also offers different editing features for content creators to include engaging and interactive visual effects to their videos. 

Trend 2: Promote Music On TikTok 

Promote Music On TikTok 

The promotion of new & trending music is one of the hottest TikTok trends in 2021. TikTok offers the brand new feature named stitch in September 2020. It is a new editing feature that allows you to reuse other user’s music for your videos. 

TikTok music promotion is an effective feature for artists, musicians, and influencers to promote their music, events, and merchandise to a larger number of people. 

Music promotion is also the best opportunity for a business to reach your brand to a target audience and in front of new people. 

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Trend 3: #Memes

Memes are more popular on all social platforms, especially with teenagers and Generation Z users. Memes are an easy to consume, engaging, shareable, and funny way to express your thoughts. It also helps you to entertain your audience and receive wider people to your TikTok profile page. 

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According to the statistics, the #memes have been used 34.4 billion times on the TikTok platform. Even most TikTok accounts try to publish different memes on TikTok. TikTok meme hashtags are also more popular on all social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and more. 

Are you looking for a better engagement? TikTok memes feature is one of the biggest trends in 2021 and beyond. So, you can use this feature for your TikTok profile that will grab more attention within a short time. 

Trend 4: Video ads

Video ads

Some people consider TikTok only for entertaining purposes, that is not true. TikTok is also the best place for marketers to promote their brand in a different way. 

According to TikTok’s trending report, most consumers spend their time and watch videos on TikTok nearly seven hours a week. Moreover, many businesses encourage their audience via TikTok videos, which has increased from 61% to 85% in 2020. 

TikTok offers different advertising options for brands on its platform. Here are the types of TikTok ads. 

  • In-feed native video ads – The short-form video ads appear in the TikTok news feed on For You page. 
  • Brand takeover ads – It is a three to the five-second ad that immediately shows up when the user enters the app. It also allows clickable hashtags and website links. 
  • Hashtag challenge ads – In TikTok hashtag challenges, a brand asks users to create videos of themselves and then upload them with a specific hashtag. 
  • Top View ads – It is a full-screen ad like brand takeovers, but the difference is that the top view ads are 60 seconds long. 
  • Branded effects – It is similar to Instagram’s AR filters, and brands can use custom stickers, lenses, and AR filters for their own videos. It helps to change the look and feel of your TikTok videos. 
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Trend 5: Behind The Scenes 

TikTok has more real and authentic content on the app itself. TikTok experts say that authenticity is the perfect way to achieve more success on TikTok. 

Behind the scenes, videos are the best content strategy to receive a huge audience to your TikTok profile. Even it provides viewers with a real look at what exactly your brand works, the people behind it, and it is the direct view of your brand identity.

According to TikTok statistics, behind-the-scenes content is particularly attracted to the younger audience and who’s dominating the TikTok app. Promoting raw and authentic content is one of the effective trends and strategies on TikTok. 

Trend 6: Branded Hashtag Challenges

Branded Hashtag Challenges 

Branded hashtag challenge is one of the most popular and trendiest TikTok trends, and it gains close attention in just a single click. With a branded hashtag challenge, you can promote a hashtag and ask your fans and followers to create videos related to your products and post them with relevant hashtags. 

If you make hashtag challenges for your follower’s engagement, you can get countless TikTok views for your videos and establish your brand with a new group of people. It can also help you to promote your products & services to your target customers and boost brand awareness. 

According to the research, the universal pictures promote a branded hashtag challenge #FindYourmagic. It has gained more than 1.3 million likes, 11,000 new followers, and 19000 participants on TikTok. 

Trend 7: New Television For Gen Z Users 

TikTok is more and more popular among teenagers and youngsters. On average, the US TikTok users spend nearly 500 minutes per month on the app. Moreover, 98% of generation Z users use smartphones, so they are interested in watching videos on different platforms, especially on TikTok. 

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According to the data, 75% of users considered using TikTok as their television and watched more videos on the app. Because TikTok allows users to upload 15 seconds to 60 second long videos. 

Trend 8: Influencers Start To Use TikTok More 

Influencer marketing is one of the best marketing strategies to increase sales, gain social proof and show your brand in front of a wider audience. 

Influencers aren’t celebrities, and they are relevant people with a loyal following and different content ideas. If the influencer is relevant to your brand, you can reach them to collaborate and promote your brand to their fans and followers. But, you need to search and find the perfect influencers who are relevant to your niche and start to take notice. 

According to the research, 35% of influencers use TikTok and take advantage of its ability to reach a new group of users. 

Trend 9: TikTok Duet 

Duet is one of the most popular and engaging video formats on TikTok, and it provides a value for you to interact with other users’ videos. TikTok duet videos appear in a side-by-side format, such as the existing videos appear on the left side and the new video appears on the right side. 

Duet is a powerful way for brands to engage their followers and create different experiences for them. It is a clear example of user-generated content, and it potentially gains massive engagement and receives potential customers to your TikTok profile. 

Trend 10: Celebrities Jump On TikTok 

Nowadays, there are many celebrities who have deceived TikTok to entertain their audience and become famous people on TikTok. Through its huge popularity and the younger demographic, celebrities utilize the power of TikTok to interact with their younger fans and followers. 

Some people use this platform to share their experience and knowledge with their audience that creates more impressions. 


TikTok is one of the unavoided social platforms in the world because of the app’s popularity and larger user demographic. If you want to connect your brand to a larger following, you have to know all about TikTok and its trends. It will help you to enhance your TikTok marketing strategy and increase visibility!

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