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A Brief Guide to Outdoor Security Measures



Outdoor Security Measures

Safety and security are, naturally, paramount concerns when it comes to property you own; personal, commercial or otherwise, criminal activity such as theft or vandalism can not only be expensive to remedy, but also violating to experience.

There are many ways to approach safety and security, but not all of them are guaranteed to work as well as they can do. At a time when crime appears to be on the rise, it makes sense to invest in systems that work sooner rather than later. But which basic security measures should you be starting with?

Perimeters and Fencing

The first form of outdoor security measure that might come to mind would be perimeter fencing. The right kind of boundary fencing can be more than enough to deter would-be trespassers, or simply to signify the relative safety of your property and possessions within. Even standard fence panels can be highly viable for security; for one, they are opaque and hence make it difficult for burglars to ‘case’ your property. For another, they can be ungainly to climb without bringing a great deal of attention to oneself in the process.

Wire fencing is not opaque, but is also much more difficult to climb – and can be rendered somewhat safer through the addition of sharp wire atop (though this would only really be suitable for industrial or commercial premises).

Integrated Lighting

Physical borders are not the only way by which a given plot can be rendered safer and more secure. Light is a powerful tool in the security officer’s arsenal, and is just as useful when considering wider security. Flood lights, triggered by motion sensors, can ensure that areas that see unexpected movement become illuminated – thus illuminated anyone present. These lights act as a strong deterrent, and also serve a natural ancillary function as a method of illuminating the features of those attempting to trespass.

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Surveillance and Monitoring

The reason lighting might be useful for such ancillary measures can be found in surveillance equipment, which should also be deployed alongside perimeter fencing and lighting as a safety measure. The presence of CCTV cameras alone can be enough to deter trespassers, given the risk inherent to being caught on camera.

A combination of motion-activated lighting and constantly-running surveillance cameras can be crucial in winning a conviction, where a trespasser is bold enough to carry on with their plans anyway. However, it should be understood that most breakings-and-enterings are unplanned acts – and hence easily disrupted.

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