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How to Avoid Home Foundation Damage



Avoid Home Foundation Damage

Foundation is an essential part of a home. It holds the home together. Every other aspect including windows, rooftop, walls are essential, but without a strong foundation, the house will fall apart or sink into the mud. . The biggest risk for the foundation is moisture. Water and moisture are responsible for the sink, rise, expansion, and contractions of the foundation. So to avoid any damage to your foundation, adopt preventative measures to control water.


Gutters and spouts

Clean your gutters and downspouts because clogged and full gutters can cause leaks. Similarly, the water can stand around the foundation of your house. So, the first preference should be cleaning your gutters and downspouts.

The sloped landscaping

Another problem is the grading of your lot and landscaping. The rainwater can stand underneath the foundation of your house. Ensure your safety, make sure your landscaping shapes the whole yard, and then it slopes into the drainage line away from home.

Installing Drains

French drains can prevent your house from foundation damage. These drains capture the underground water and moisture present in the low areas to carry it away from your home. This is a good option for the people who live near puddles or marshy areas.

Sprinkler system

Securing a foundation is not just about minimizing the moisture around your house; there are other factors. The soil needs maintenance; otherwise, it will dry out. It needs the right amount of water; neither excessive nor less. Consider using a sprinkler system, so your soil gets the right amount of moisture.

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No Root plants near the home

Water is the biggest enemy of house foundations. Many residents do not realize the hazard of planting trees too close to the house. It can lead to big foundation cracks. When a tree grows, and the enormous roots start to expand, they push the area around it, even the foundation

Low water flowers

If the homeowner wants a flower bed in the garden or near the foundation. It is wise to choose flowers that survive on low water and are happier in the ground-level water bed than raising one. The reason behind this is that low-water flowers will not be harmful to your foundation when watered. The high water plans will lead to double the amount of water in the foundation.

Repair the cracks

In the end, if all this fails and you notice some damage to your foundation. Do not waste your time and get it repaired. The best way is to consult a professional because he will suggest the right solution and techniques to keep your foundation safe and secure.

All these tips are globally used to avoid damage to the foundation. If you notice damage even after using these techniques. Consult your Richmond  foundation repair contractor or a professional right away because that can be a sign of some underlying issue.

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