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The Complex Heartbeat of Time: A Guide to Watch Movements



Watch Movements

Watches used to be just for telling time but now they mix fancy clever engineering, craftsmanship, and artistic design. Inside these fancy gadgets, the watch movements are like their hearts. It is the watch movement that makes the watch work. Let us analyse these watch movements to learn what kinds there are. Also how they work and why they are vital in the world of watches.

What is Watch Movement?

Calibre or the watch movements are the engines of the watch. It works like the powerhouse it operates and makes the watch. It is the means that move the hands of the watch and power any issues like dual time zone, annual calendar, or clock. Now let us study some of the watch movements in detail. In short, it is a group of springs, tiny gears, and levers that work jointly to keep the time accurate.

Type of Watch Movements

Mechanical Movement

Mechanical movements have two kinds: manual and automatic. They are mesmerising because they are all about tradition and craft.

Automatic Watch Movement

Automatic watches move because of the person wearing them. So the person who loves the blend of old and new tech loves these watches.

How Does it Work:  It utilises a rotor that winds the mainspring as the wearer moves their wrist.

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Manual Movement

On the other hand manual movements are unique. They ought to be wound by hand. Hence, it shows genuine craftsmanship. These manual watches pay close watch to every small detail.

How it works: The user needs to periodically wind the mainspring by twisting the crown.

Quartz Movements

Quartz movements are notable because they give the right right. They use unique elements in quartz crystals to do this job well.

How does it work: These watch movements utilise a battery and a quartz crystal to vibrate at a precise frequency. Hence it regulates the movement of the hands. They are famous for their accuracy and affordability.

Hybrid Movements

Mixing quartz and mechanical technologies kinetic movements turn the motion of the wrist into electricity to run a quartz part. This combo combines quartz’s dependability with the skillful touch of mechanical movements.

Components of a Watch Movement

The following are the parts of the watch movement


The power source of mechanical movements stores potential energy and releases it slowly to power the watch.


It regulates the release of energy from the mainspring in controlled increments. Hence it ensures precise timekeeping.

Balance Wheel

The balance wheel moves back and forth and escapement control controls it. Hence it works as the timekeeping element of the movement.

Gear Train

It transmits energy from the mainspring to the hands and escapement. Hence it regulates the speed of movements.


Here sapphire or ruby bearings lower friction between the moving parts. So it improves precision and durability.

Factors Affecting Movement Selection

These factors impact the selection of watch movements.

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Here the accuracy of the quartz movements is famous. It typically exceeds mechanical movements in this aspect.

Craftsmanship and Tradition

So the mechanical watch movements, primarily handmade, appeal to fans due to their detailed craftsmanship.

 Durability and Maintenance 

Quartz movements need less maintenance and are more shock-resistant. At the same time, mechanical watch movements may require periodic servicing.

Picking the Right Movement

The choice between a quartz and mechanical movement relies on personal needs and tastes. Here mechanical movements offer a sense of craftsmanship, history, and custom. In contrast, quartz movements are more precise and need less upkeep. Finally, the best watch movement is the one that speaks to you and completes your lifestyle.

Watch Movement is the heart of the watches. The best part is that Sofly is a known quartz watch movement supplier. It has an ample item range and a small turnaround time. They are the ones who make watch repairs faster and easier.


The way watches work is like their soul and heart. Whether the old-fashioned charm of mechanical watch movements or the super-precise quartz ones each kind has its appeal. Knowing about these watch movements helps fans see how unique and intricate watches are.

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