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How to Care for Your Watch



Care for Your Watch

A watch is much more than an accessory that tells you the time – it can also be a part of your personality and even a valuable asset. For these reasons, it is important that watch owners know how to properly care for their timepieces. When you know how to look after your watch, you can enjoy wearing it forever and even increase the value of the piece over time. This post will look at a few of the best ways to properly maintain your timepiece.


One of the worst habits that a watch owner can adopt is not keeping the watch wound to the accurate time. Of course, this is important for accurate timekeeping, but also to keep the intricate parts of the watch moving.

Avoiding Harmful Exposure

As an item that is worn on the wrist, it is easy to expose your watch to potentially harmful substances. The two most notable substances are moisturiser and perfume/aftershave, which damage the watch and strap. Therefore, it is wise to only put your watch on once these substances have dried.


Following this, it is important to clean your watch on a regular basis. As an item worn on the wrist, a watch can be exposed to all kinds of things, and dirt and grime can build up that could cause damage. You should only ever use an approved cleaning product for your watch – otherwise, you could do more damage.


Servicing the watch is wise as this will keep it in the best condition, and a professional can handle any issues. It is generally recommended that you get a mechanical watch serviced every two or three years and every three or four years for a quartz watch. Be sure to look up businesses in your area that can service the specific brand and model that you have. For example, if you are the proud owner of a Rolex, you want to find a company that specialises in Rolex servicing.

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When you are not wearing your watch, you need to make sure that it is stored properly. If you were to just leave it on a dresser somewhere, you are exposing it to all kinds of risks. Keeping the watch stored in the original box will prevent humidity and dust from causing damage, or you can purchase a watch box if you do not have the original.

It is vital that you know how to properly care for your timepiece as a watch owner, especially if you have a luxury watch! These are the main areas to focus on that will help you keep your watch in the best possible condition, enabling you to enjoy wearing it forever and preserve or even increase its value.

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