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The Histroy and the Present of Bail Bonds



Present of Bail Bonds

Peter P. McDonough started the first-ever bail bond business in San Francisco back in 1898. However, experts believe the process of getting and providing bails dates back to 2750 BC, when surety bail bond agreements were made in the city of Akkadian, in modern-day Iraq. Defendants in the presence of higher officials swore that they would reappear for another hearing by paying in their currency and keeping the property as collateral. During the 1900s, the Bail bond became one of the most prominent businesses in the country. At present, more than 14 billion dollars are spent on bail bonds in the US alone.

Over time, patterns of crime have changed, and so has the process of getting bail. One thing is clear as a day in this digital world: your crime is forever imprinted in the matrix of social media. Whether you accidentally uploaded a picture of partying with hard drugs or made a nasty comment under somebody’s post; wrong things can go viral before you have a moment to reflect on your actions. Thanks to the canceled culture, these online activities can have serious consequences in your life and make you face some solid jail time.

A bail bond has made the process of getting out of jail not only possible but easy. One does not have to spend his time locked up in the cell for weeks before his trial. He or she can pay an amount fixed by the court as bail money and be freed in an hour. The defendant will wait for his trial outside the jail instead of being locked up inside the cell with other inmates. Anyone living in California can reach out to bail bonds Sacramento to ensure a speedy release from the jail. When you opt for bail, you don’t have to pay a hefty amount of bail money upfront, but instead, submit only a fraction of the whole sum. Your property is used as collateral by the bail firm to pay the bail amount.

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That is why it is crucial to find the right bailsman who will help you get out of jail as soon as possible. Here are a couple of pointers to ensure that you’re selecting the right bondsman for the purpose:

  1. The reputation of The Firm: The first thing you should look for in a bailing company is the review. The Bonds agents or Bondsmen should be trustworthy and dependable. They must have experiences under their belt and strong connections to law enforcement to help you legally. However, make sure that the Bondsman is certified by the Californian Department of Insurance, giving them good standing and discretion.
  2. Availability: Usually, the bail service should have an affordable funding system, keen to help defendants and families of convicted individuals. Some bail firms are open 24×7, all through the holidays, to help the defendant in time of crisis.
  3. Words of Caution: You should under no circumstances disregard the upcoming court hearing. Not appearing for these trials might put your freedom in danger. You may end up losing your collateral if you don’t follow the rules laid by your bondsman at the time of getting the bail. However, if you get a fair trial, you may be declared innocent by the court, which means you no longer have to pay the rest of the bail.
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