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Ways to Manage Office Waste



Manage Office Waste

As more and more companies are greening up and introducing office recycling schemes, they frequently lose steam as they run out of waste reduction ideas. Especially when a company decides to relocate, there are many of office furniture that might become useless. Appointing a waste management company for office furniture removal is a great choice. While managing a company, it is essential to manage waste to prevent it from building up, leading to hazardous situations.


This is one of the major types of waste management strategies that several cities across the country are implementing in their recycling process to remove as much waste from municipal landfills. Organic waste is a precious resource that can be composted to generate organic fertilizer to improve soil quality and help decrease land degradation. Organic waste recycling significantly raises the diversion rate of the company and will help lower waste production. If any organic waste is generated at a company, it should thus definitely be composted.

  • Waste Management Team:

Establish a Sustainability team in the enterprise to establish concrete targets for the workplace recycling scheme and waste prevention programmes. Ensure that there is a set timetable to decide how progress can be assessed and tracked. Include employees from several branches and perhaps even the executive committee. It is also crucial to be inclusionary regarding the integrated platform of the programme and share the responsibility.

  • Recycling electronic waste:

As technology develops and outdated products get substituted, electronic waste management will become a crucial component of the office’s recycling facilities. E-waste is the waste of electrical and electronic items. E-waste frequently collected for recycling include mobile phones, laptops, copiers, chargers, inkjet cartridges, cords, etc. Electronic trash has become a significant element in recycling facilities.

  • Upcycling pieces of equipment:

Cast aside a dedicated area and a shelving system in the building to gather and archive all old office equipment. When workers have outdated workplace furniture, laptops, printers, staplers, files, etc., they can also be sorted and stored in an upcycle station. Whenever a staff member requires some new workplace supplies, consider making it a practice to search the Upcycle Station before re-ordering a particular new product. One shouldn’t need to buy a separate file folder every other day, simply put a new tag on behalf of it or flip the folder inside out. This can also help easily manage office furniture removal at the end of every cleaning cycle.

  • Go paperless with electronic documents:

Enjoy the benefits of the simplicity and flexibility of handling the transactions through the phone. Not only can it spare everyone plenty of time, but it will also help everyone save money with mailing and late payments; certain businesses also give bonuses for going cashless.

  • Avoid wastage using reusable water bottles and containers:

Encourage the staff to drink from reusable bottles by installing water springs or water points in the office and removing plastic bottles from dispensers. Provide all workers with their very own customized stainless steel bottles and foster healthy practices and steer them away from the buying of plastic bottled water. Avoid plastic plates and promote litterless meals and snacks by maintaining the office kitchen filled with clean dishes and kitchenware. The employee on shift must be accountable for emptying the dishwasher and checking that all dishes and kitchenware are retrieved regularly.

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