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How is the MAMC Medical Education Institution Best for You?



MAMC Medical Education Institution

Every med student has the utmost desire to get the opportunity to make the part of the worthwhile institution to acquire their dreams. In this regard, all the time they find the best institute and try to achieve their targets. As a fresh candidate, if you select the MAMC so this discussion is beneficial for you and guides why this institute is up to the mark for starting your med student’s journey.

Overview of Maulana Azad Medical College (MAMC):

Maulana Azad Medical College (MAMC) is a governmental medical college and is affiliated with the University of Delhi, India. The medical, educational institution was founded in 1958 and got the name after the separation of the subcontinent by India’s first education minister Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad. It is a top-ranked college situated in New Delhi. It is the 3rd best medical University in India that provides its services for the student to reach the stairs of success.

MAMC starts granting clinical experiences on the first day. All students involved in the practice that trained in the hospitals that are affiliated with the best Medical universities. The aim of this University is not only to generate the heaps of doctors but to provide enthusiastic doctors to the country. Such doctors give priority to humanity and the patient’s health. MAMC assists students in investigating which medical failed their best shine and reached their full potential as well.

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Eligibility criteria to get admission:

Students who are interested in getting admission in the MAMC must clear the National Eligibility Entrance Test( NEET). This test should be scored 40% in the case of ST, CT, OBS, and 50% aggregately.

The pattern of NEET Exams:

The pattern of NEET exams is divided into four parts. Each part has 45 questions, so let’s check the section of NEET exams.

  • Chemistry 45
  • Physics 45
  • Botany 45
  • Zoology 45

When you give this exam, then you must consider some important things. Firstly, only use a black and blue pen for the exam. Secondly, every correct answer will be awarded +4 marks. On the other hand, every incorrect answer will be awarded -1 marks. So students need to solve the exam carefully and wisely.

Admission procedure for the MAMC:

As similar to every medical academic place, MAMC also has the procedure to register the students. When the students appear and pass the NEET test, then the merit list is organized by the responsible persons of the Faculty of Sciences and Medicine. After the merit list still, some seats are available only for the Delhi candidates and outside are measured by the panel.

Nevertheless, after making the merit list students are allotted various seats in counseling and interview. When selected candidates seated in their seats, they will be asked to produce the desired documents, certificates, admit cards, and NEET scores. At the same time, they guided the university curriculum and completion of the admissions procedure.

Programs offered by MAMC:

Here is the list of programs in which you get registered as a medical student. So, let us see what programs offer MAMC for their capable students.

  • MBBS
  • Doctorate of Medicine (M.D)
  • Master of Surgery (M.S)
  • Master of Science (M.s)
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Facilities at Maulana Azad Medical College:

When students get the facility in their educational institutes, then they encourage and motivate them to learn more things. Also, sometimes they have a heavy workload of studies and feel stressed.  But when candidates get some valuable facilities, then they are urged to learn things and become experts in their interested field. So let’s see what facilities you get from MAMC if you want to make the part of this University.


The first and major facility is the housing services for the students. In this regard, MAMC offers hostels for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Also, hygiene and best quality services are prioritized that solve the issues of most pupils. And for undergraduate girls and boys University offers separate hostels.


MAMC libraries have an estimate of around 34900 books that are related to Biomedical, Pharmacy, Biochemistry, Neurology, and other medical sciences. Every year each student is permitted to recommend the books they desire as per their purpose from the library. Such books, ones clear by the administration, are taken in the month of February every year. Besides the wide collection of books the library also contains 170 current journals of international authors, 33600 back volumes, 200 slides consisting of medical sciences topics, 650 CDs of various books and journals. Also, in this library, you get the collection of 3000 theses and research work by the Professors. You can also get the computer lab in the library, so if you need to use your study purpose, then you use this system.

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Sports facilities:

Besides providing superb medical education to their students, MAMC also has different sports activities and facilities around the campus to keep students healthy. Moreover, MAMC is worried about the physical activities and development of its students. This University provides multifunctional weight training gyms, cricket ground, racing track, Badminton, Football, Swimming pool, tennis courts, and floodlit basketball. Such activities endow relaxation to your mind, and studies feel energetic or fresh when they study.


The University has a wide variety of canteen and cafeterias for students and faculty members all around the campus. Also, this institute has 24 hours of doctors’ canteen, which serves delicious North and South Indian food for every person. And, every hostel has a mess where students get three-time meals in a day. In these hostels, it ensures the best quality and hygiene food for the students.

Final words:

So, the gist of the earlier mentioned discussion is quite to tell about why MAMC is the best choice for medical students. The collaborative and innovative learning environment of the University grants options to the student to explore more things and learn. Also, this University provides various facilities to the students, so they are never tired during their med education journey.

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