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Top 5 Schools in Raipur



Schools in Raipur

When it comes to the education of their children, no parents want to make any wrong decision regarding it & sometimes they get puzzled about which institution to choose to nurture their little ones’ tender minds. If you also are in a mess where to get the admission for your little one in or around Raipur, look no further. We are helping you to choose from these best schools in Raipur.

1. Delhi Public School:

Situated in the heart of nature along Vidhan Sabha road, a CBSE affiliated school, established in 2004, ranks among one of the top schools in Chhattisgarh. A 16 years old private school, ranks 481 in India & follows the NCERT curriculum which is an autonomous organization of the union government of India, is a senior secondary school. The management society, Shikshantar Welfare Society, is keen to provide a diversified & practical environment to its students. The school also consists of dedicated green spaces, as well as a garden and playing field. Moreover, the Arts & Crafts room, Science Labs, Mathematics Lab, Computer Labs, Humanities Lab, Activity Arena, Multimedia Room, and Performance Centers are provided for the betterment of the students, along with facilities for indoor games.

2. Venkateshwar Signature School:

One of the top school chains with world-class education facilities & the finest infrastructure is now in Raipur. Situated near international cricket stadium, established by Dharam foundation in 2020, with a total area of 25 acres. The school, through its safe, stimulating, and intellectually challenging environment envisages harnessing the signature strengths of its learners, propelling them to develop themselves as unique personalities with strong universal values, fulfilling their physical, socio-emotional, linguistic, conflict resolution, and human connection needs.

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The school, a CBSE affiliated institution, is yet to be affiliated by IB & Cambridge, offers various educational, holistic approach & a vast range of choices to sharpen young minds & be ready for the emerging society to come. The school is built upon hi-tech infrastructure in all its arena to match with world-class educational institutions. The foundation believes in every child is a different theory, thus brings a wide range of non-academic approaches to build a young mind’s futures.

3. Ambuja Vidya Peeth:

A 32 years old foundation, established by Modi charitable trust & CBSE affiliated co-education school, situated in Baloda Bazar, Bhatapara, considered as the 3rd best school in Raipur. The classroom & campus amenities such as music rooms, dance rooms, IT infrastructure, Labs, library, indoor game facilities are present there. There is a total of 31 trained teachers & 23 classrooms to provide students the academic facility.

Ambuja Vidya Peeth in Rawan has an environment that is not only child-friendly but engaging for children to learn and have fun at the same time. It has spacious classrooms that are well-appointed with various amenities and facilities. This center employs caring and involved certified teachers that play an instrumental role in the learning and development of the kids. This school takes pride in the holistic and innovative learning methods which have helped them raise the bar in the field of education. The center follows a well-researched curriculum that is based on the play way method of learning. This school offers education for children in different age groups. There are a host of other supplementary activities that children can enroll in to enhance their skill set. Undoubtedly it is one of the best Schools in Rawan, Raipur-Chhattisgarh.

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4. Krishna Public School:

The aesthetically designed campus of Krishna Public School in Raipur is spread across a ten-acre area the sight of the ethereal swimming pool, the stunning array of sports infrastructure and the spacious boarding houses is simply breathtaking. KPS, Raipur is a constituent school of Krishna Group of Institutions, the state’s largest closely-held chain of secondary schools and colleges with an aggregate enrolment of over 12000 students. It has fulfilled its promise of delivering excellent academic and co-curricular education with a strong emphasis on values and life skills development.

The school has its different arena to stand out among other schools, to name a few, the academic block, the digitized library, the introduction of smart boards, the extensive art and music facilities, the computer labs and the science laboratories, innovative pedagogies supported by modern technology, various club activities, competitions and forums, Seminars and Workshops, NTSE  & Olympiad classes are organized by eminent & accomplished personalities to render right orientation & select suitable careers.

5. The Aditya Birla Public School:

The Aditya Birla Public School, a premier English Medium school set up under the aegis of Ultratech Rawan Cement Works is affiliated to CBSE, up to Senior Secondary classes for Science and Commerce streams. It is a co-educational school catering to the needs of the children of Company employees. The school has also opened gates to those residing in and around Raipur district to serve the educational needs of the people in such a far-flung area of the state. The school has determined to provide and maintain the requisite infrastructure of facilities for achieving planned arrangements like adequate building, workspace needed for service delivery, provision of science laboratories, computer laboratory, digital classes, library, conference room, music & dance room, support services such as playgrounds, play park, open gym and drinking water facility, associated utilities and services like health center, communication and information systems. The Aditya Birla Public School nominated as “Lead Collaborating School” by the CBSE for sharing the best practices and standardizes the teaching-learning process.

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The above listed 5 best schools in Raipur will help the parents who are looking for the best academic learning & more for their children with hi-tech amenities to cope with the international learning standard.

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