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How Many Stamps Are In A Book?



Stamps Are In A Book

Now the old-time has gone when someone sends holiday cards or envelopes in the mail. In modern times, you should purchase USPS postage stamps. No doubt that you need only one stamp while sending a letter through mailing, but many want to buy stock of stamps. The reason is that it becomes easy for them to have handy stamps at the time of requirement.

However, the average book of stamps consists of about 20. It means you can have the availability of a few more stamps at the time of sending mail in the last minutes. According to the estimation, approximately 1.6 billion holiday cards are being mailed annually. If you are also one of them, you must have a booklet of stamps. It will be a good start.


What Is a Stamp Book?

A stamp book, also known as a postage stamp book, is a type of booklet comprising pre-cut sheets of stamps along with particular values on a single sheet. It is considered as efficient and well structured as buying single stamps for sending holiday cards, documents, personalized postcards, or letters. That’s why numerous people prefer stamp booklets because it is convenient for them to have handy stamps instead of searching for stamps nearby places.

On the other hand, if you purchase stamps in bulk or stock, they can be in various themes like flowers, patriotic, Christmas, and many others. One of the significant benefits of purchasing postage stamp booklets is that they will never expire but are forever and evergreen. Such as all the USPS first-class one-ounce stamps have been used since 2011, and these have not expired.

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Even if the prices of these stamps go higher, they can be used if you have stock or bulk. Remember that the rolls of some stamps such as 500, 3000, and 10,000 are not available in Forever stamp format, and these rolls come with a value.

How Many Stamps Are in a Forever Stamp Book?

In the Forever Stamp books, there are about 20 stamps. It is a postage stamp that can be utilized for future mailings. It does not involve any price alteration for several ounces or delivery being mailed at any time. When you buy Forever stamp booklets, you will get stamps with various themes, including holidays, hobbies, sports, flowers, the US flag, and many others.

How many stamps are in a book of Collectable stamps?

In the collectible stamp book, you will get approximately 64 stamps. Moreover, the numbers are not constant in collectible stamps and change every year, sometimes less or more. On the other hand, there are few postage stamp pages in the collectible stamp booklet. The oiled paper sheet separates these pages. These booklets compose of hardback and are thick, which specifically contain more stamps compared to regular booklets.

It is also titled as “Collectible Stamp Yearbook.” It is delivered in thin wraps made up of cardboard. Such as the Collectible Stamp Yearbook of 2018 contains about 81 different types of stamps. These stamps are carefully conserved on the pages containing all information on the stamp’s importance, writer, and historical context. Besides, the theme of these stamps is based on places, people, and moments that enlighten American life.

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On the other hand, in the 2019 Collectible Stamp Yearbook, initially, there were about 72 stamps; nine stamps decreased in 2018. No one can know the range of stamps you will get in this stamp book until you buy and collect them. In this way, it is an excellent and unique experience for those who genuinely love to collect stamps and celebrate the nation’s culture.

Moreover, many people have this unique hobby of collecting different design stamps and rich history. Most of these stamps display traces of history.

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How Much Does a Book of Stamps Cost?

Each book has different price ranges because the number of stamps in each booklet is not the same. The booklets, which contain 20 stamps, are available for $11.60. It means every single stamp in this booklet costs 58 cents. Till 2019, the stamps cost 55 cents, while the whole booklet cost $11 and did not involve any paid tax.

Places to Buy a Book of Stamps

Many people consider buying stamps from their closed areas or nearest post offices. In this way, you can buy from these places.

USPS: Buy stamps from your local USPS store or its online Postal Store

Grocery Stores: Kroger, Winco, Wegmans, Vons, Publix

Pharmacies: CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens

Retailers: Meijer, Walmart, Target, Sam’s Club

Gas Stations: ARCO, Mobile gas stations, Chevron, Texas, Shell, Valero

Convenience Stores: QuikTrip, 7-Eleven, Kwik Trip

Banks: Fifth Third, KeyBank, Wells Fargo

Office Supplies Store: Office Depot, Office Max

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Gift Shops: Hallmark stores

Buy Discounted Stamps

After knowing how many stamps are in a book, there is a list of places where you can buy discounted stamps at a lower price than any other nearby USPS. It is an efficient, reliable, and convenient way because you don’t have to do any hassle of finding stamps. These online sources involve:


You can buy discounted stamps from Amazon, but if you want to purchase vintage-style stamps, these can be a little expensive but do not include a shipping fee.


On eBay online platform, you can find many discounted stamps with free shipping offered by auctions.

Costco Wholesale: Another online platform to buy Forever stamps in bulk. It offers a cheaper rate than the USPS.

This website allows you to buy a booklet of 20 stamps or a roll of 100 stamps with a 10% discount.

This online shop sells postage stamps at a significant discount. So, consider this option if you want to buy postage stamps for collection.

Final words

It is all about how many stamps are in a book of stamps. If you go through the entire article, you know the places to buy these stamps and some online sources to buy vintage style, Forever, and Collectable stamps. Let us know which one you like the most and what theme is best for you.

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