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5 Amazing Latest Bitcoin eBooks You must Read in 2022



Latest Bitcoin eBooks


1. The Blockchain Diaries: From Sound to Toast by Monique Botter-Zhou

“If you want to get a good break from the mundane, read this book! It is just what I needed.” – J. Dunham, Amazon review, 2016 “I recommend this for people who are interested in the blockchain and how it might be applied to their field.” – M. L. Fischer, Amazon review, 2018

Sound is the oldest human-made technology in history, older than writing, agriculture, pottery, and metallurgy. Since sound waves are nothing but vibrations of molecules, they can help us create objects out of thin air. Sound to Toast tells the story of how your ancestors created sound objects.

It explains how sound engineers once built houses out of sand and rocks by cutting sand into stone-shaped pieces that vibrated like sand when people spoke. How they made musical instruments for entertainment, fashioning long reeds to let the sound ripple through their bodies. And how they transformed wild plants into bread by breaking plants into smaller pieces that vibrated like plants when people spoke.

2. Cryptocurrency for Kids: A Parent’s Guide to Bitcoin and the Blockchain by Jennifer S.F Ford

“Great intro book on bitcoin as well as the blockchain technology.” – Anonymouz, Amazon review, 2018 “This will be the perfect gift for my grandson on his 11th birthday.” – L. Chait, Amazon review, 2020 “My daughter opened it last night and started reading it right away!” – S. Lewis, Amazon review, 2022

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What is cryptocurrency? Where can you spend it? What are the benefits of blockchain technology? Get answers to all your questions here. The book doesn’t require any background in economics or coding. Instead, it is designed for anyone who wants an easy-to-understand explanation of the concept and how it works but does not want to read a boring technical manual.

However, you can read more if you want to earn more with bitcoin.

3. Open: How Compassionate Leaders Create Organizational Excellence by Tania Tomkins

“I found this book inspiring, motivating, and enlightening.” – W. Tam, Amazon review, 2020, “This book tells you how to make any workplace a happy one! A must-read for all managers.” – R. Johnston, Amazon review, 2019 “Helpful and well-organized!” – C. Gubaeva, Amazon review, 2021

In his letter to the Lypians in 210 AC, Marcus Aurelius wrote that he feared not death but might never see the people he loves. This book studies compassionate leadership and organizational excellence, based on Marcus Aurelius’ second-century text, The Meditations.

It encourages readers to consider how you love those closest to you and what you can do to be better leaders. If your organization is struggling with burnout, stress, missing morale, or low performance, the lessons in this book might help you create a workplace where people are happier and more productive.

4. Blockchain Revolution: A Value Proposition by S. Nesbitt

“A very insightful book, I would recommend it to anyone interested in the blockchain” – T. Little, Amazon review, 2020 “This is my new favorite book! Well written and easy to read.” – M. Stiller, Amazon review, 2021

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Blockchain Revolution covers both the history of money and how cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin work. It explains how cryptography protects the blockchain, how mining works, and how smart contracts are programmed. It describes why cryptocurrencies can be worth more than regular money, what kind of financial opportunities they offer, and where the blockchain is headed in the future. This book is for people who want to know why this technology has become so popular in recent years.

It is for those who want to learn how the blockchain works and its potential applications, especially in various industries.

5. Blockchain: Transforming Your Business and Our World by C. Thomas

“This book combines a history of money with an introduction to cryptocurrency.” – M. Martin, Amazon review, 2020 “A very insightful book, I would recommend it to anyone interested in the blockchain” – T. Little, Amazon review, 2020 “A great overview of all things blockchain!” – G. Bragaglia, Amazon review, 2021

Blockchain gives you an easy-to-understand explanation of how blockchain works. It describes what the technology is, why it’s so important and how it could affect different industries, including finance, healthcare, supply chains, energy, and more.

In addition, readers will learn about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Etherium in detail, along with their benefits, potential risks, and future trends. This book is for people who want a detailed description of the blockchain and its effect on various areas.


This article has listed the top five best blockchain books for beginners. Blockchain is one of the most popular technologies right now, which is why it might be worth your while to understand what it can do and how it works. All five books are easy to read, especially those without prior knowledge of this technology.

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