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How Old was Colestein Veglin?



Colestein Veglin

An American man who claimed to be 615 years old is subjected to this article. His name was Colestein Veglin. If you want to know all the facts about the oldest man on earth, you are in the right place. Here you can find all the facts about colestein veglin age.

Did you know about the oldest man on earth and at what age he died? Why is the internet going crazy about this hype? Explore all the facts about colestein veglin here. Let us enlighten this topic for you properly.

It is considered that the monks are said to be living more than millions of years however it is hard to believe a man can live this long. On the basis of the article published in the New York Times on the 20th of July, 1876 we cannot justify that the story of Colestein Veglin is fake or real.

He was born between 1259 and 1261 and he claimed that his age was 615 years. Read the article below to know more about Colestein Veglin, his age, and his family.


Colestein Veglin:

The name of the myth Colestein Veglin was unknown for many years until the man who claims to be 615 years old was arrested in Newark, New Jersey. The New York Times published this article on 20 July 1876.

When you search the internet for the oldest man you will find the name of colestein veglin at the top. An article published by the New York Times on 20th July 1876 tells us about the story of a foolish man who was arrested because of making wrong claims.

A man named Colestein veglin claimed that he is 615 years old, this was the only information he published and he has no further records. Now after the death of the Guinness book record holder for the oldest man alive, Man-Saturnino de la Fuente Garcia from Spain the hype that the colestein veglin is still alive is spreading around the world again.

Real age of Colestein Veglin?

Rumors are spreading on the internet that colestein veglin usais 615 years old but we are still unable to fetch any details about his real age. We just have one article published by the New York Times in which they stated that he was 615 years old. There is no other detail through which we can determine the actual age of Colestein Veglin.

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Nobody did research on this, thereby his actual age is still a mystery. Here we found many stories of different people who claim to live more than 900 or 1000 years of age but after the research they tend to be lunar months not years.

Colestein veglin birthday:

The world is going crazy about the colestein veglin usa agebecause he claimed to be 615 years old. Here are some of the details we gathered about Colestein Veglin and his age.

He was living in William Street, New York, with his six wives, and he was arrested in New Jersey. His date of birth was between 1259 and 1261 but we do not have any clue about his death. He also had seven children.

Colestein Veglin 615 Years Old a Rumor?

Well, he just does not claim his age, but he also claimed about having six wives, and he said all of them were alive when he got arrested. He also claims that he has many properties and he lives on 21 William Street.

But after interviewing him, the officials told us that all these claims were fake and he was just bluffing about his wives and property. As we have already mentioned, there was no such evidence about his age and no further investigation is done on this matter.

So, whoever wants to know his actual age has to wait until the investigation is done? Right now, his actual age is still a mystery to the world.

Why is Colestein at Hype?

The recent death of the world’s oldest man Man-Saturnino de la Fuente Garcia from Spain has once again created hype for Colestein Veglin’s age, as people are curious to know who the oldest man in the world is.

But the sad reality is that Man-Saturnino de la Fuente Garcia recently died at the age of 112 years and 315 days on 18th Jan 2022.

This incident raises people’s curiosity again to know about the oldest man alive. And when you search it on the internet the first name that appears is Colestein Veglin.

Death of Colestein Veglin:

The man living in New York claimed that his age is 615 years and he was arrested in New Jersey, a state in the United States for making these false claims and spreading fake rumors.

He was born between 1259 and 1261 but the article published by the New York Times on 20th July did not provide any information about his death.

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So we do not have any information about the death of Colestein Veglin. The rumors are he lived 615 years of age. He also claims that he had six wives and seven children.

Also, no word from his family has arrived on the news. We got no information about his wives and children, we just know how many of them but no one knows where they are.

However when he died his wives were alive, but they did not show up anywhere on the news or in any article by any newspaper. Their existence is hidden.

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Is it possible to be as old as Colestein Veglin claims?

We cannot say whether Colestein Veglin was real or not, we are unable to fetch that information yet. The average lifespan of a male is 112 years, and for females, it is 122 years according to history.

Aging kills millions of people every day. Every day someone opens his eyes in this beautiful world, and someone closes their eyes. It is the natural phenomenon of the world.

But some people in this world claim that they have lived more than the lifespan of a normal human being. They claim to live more than 200 years. But Colestein Veglin claimed that he lived for 615 years.

An American woman named Emma Faust Tillman was born on November 22, 1892, near Greensboro, North Carolina becomes the world’s oldest person to live on Wednesday after the death of Emiliano Mercado del Toro, of Puerto Rico.

Guinness stated on their website that the woman named Emma Faust Tillman is now the oldest person to live in the world.

In Tillman’s family, they are used to longevity. He had 23 siblings of which 3 sisters and a brother lived more than 100 years, but none of them could beat Emma Faust.

Another woman named Jeanne Calment was born in the year 1875, and she died at the age of  122 years and 164 days in the year 1997. She was verified oldest lady in the world. She was born in France.

The oldest man Jiroemon Kimura of Japan was born in the year 1897, and he died in the year 2013 at the age of 116 years and 54 days. He was the verified oldest man in japan as well as the entire world.

The oldest living person right now is Lucile Randon. She lives in France. She is 118 years and 238 days old. She still has no health issues, and she is perfectly fine.

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The oldest man who is still alive is Juan Vicente, Pérez Mora. He was born in Venezuela and is still living there. His age is 113 years and 133 days. It fascinates us to see the long ages of the people.

The secret of living long is to live healthily. The person who lives long lives their life healthy. They do not smoke or drink. They keep their metabolism and their bodies in good form.

Exercise and a healthy lifestyle are the keys to a long and healthy life. Drink pure water and try to eat good healthy food. Stay away from junk food and all the stuff that makes your health bad.

Do you know what the longevity myths are on Wikipedia? These are the oral histories of the people who lived long life. But for which there are no scientific proofs that can justify the ages they are claiming.

Scientists think that they are just the wrong interpretations of the numeric system across multiple languages coupled with cultural significance.

Here in this section, we will tell you about the longevity myths on Wikipedia about different people who claimed to be older than normal humans.

One of the oldest people to live in this world was Jeanne Calment, she lived for 122 years and 164 days. She set a record by living this long. She holds the record for the oldest person who ever lived.

We have also seen on Wikipedia persons claiming to be alive even for more than this, but they do not have anything to prove this. These are just longevity myths.

A man named Kirk Campbell claims that he lived up to 260 years, and another man named Thomas Cam died at the age of 207 years. They both were from the United States of America.

But the important thing is that Colestein Veglin is still at the top of Wikipedia longevity myths. Scientists have not refused the verdict of Colestein Veglin, nor have they supported it.

Scientists say that some people can actually live even up to 1000 years, but we cannot find even one who lived that long. And it is rare and difficult to find one.


After reading all the facts and figures about Colestein Veglin his age is still a mystery for us, but the researchers have claimed that no man can live as long as 615 years because it is not possible, so we assume that the claims made by Colestein Veglin are fake and they make no sense.

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