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How to Disassemble a Recliner Chair: Step-by-Step Guide



Disassembling a recliner chair might seem daunting, but with the right approach and tools, it can be a straightforward process. This guide will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to take apart a recliner chair, ensuring you can do it efficiently and safely.

Understanding the Basics

  • Before diving into the disassembly process, it’s essential to understand the basic components of a recliner chair.
  • Familiarizing yourself with parts like the backrest, footrest, levers, and bolts will make the process smoother.

Safety First

  • Always ensure that you’re working in a well-lit and spacious area.
  • Lay down a soft cloth or mat to prevent any damage to the chair or your floor.
  • Wear protective gloves to safeguard your hands from sharp edges or pinching mechanisms.

Gathering the Necessary Tools

  • Flat-head and Phillips screwdrivers
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Pliers
  • Small hammer
  • Ziplock bags (for storing screws and bolts)

Step 1: Removing the Backrest

  • Locate the locking levers or clips on the sides or bottom of the backrest.
  • Release the levers or clips by either pulling or pushing them.
  • Gently lift the backrest upwards to detach it from the main frame.
Removing the Backrest

Photo of a person’s hands locating and releasing the locking levers or clips on the sides of a recliner chair’s backrest.

Step 2: Detaching the Footrest

  • With the recliner in an upright position, locate the screws or bolts securing the footrest.
  • Using the appropriate screwdriver or wrench, remove these fasteners.
  • Once unscrewed, slide the footrest out gently.
Detaching the Footrest

Photo of a recliner chair in an upright position with a person’s hands locating the screws or bolts securing the footrest.

Step 3: Disengaging the Reclining Mechanism

  • Find the reclining mechanism, typically situated on the side of the chair.
  • Using pliers, detach any springs connected to the mechanism.
  • Unscrew or unbolt the mechanism from the chair’s main frame.
Disengaging the Reclining Mechanism

Photo of a person using pliers to detach springs connected to the reclining mechanism situated on the side of a recliner chair.

Step 4: Removing the Seat

  • Turn the recliner upside down to access the seat’s underside.
  • Identify the screws or bolts holding the seat in place.
  • Unscrew or unbolt these fasteners and lift the seat away from the frame.
Removing the Seat

Photo of a recliner chair turned upside down, with a person identifying screws underneath the seat, ready to detach it.

Step 5: Separating the Arms

  • On the underside of each arm, locate the screws or bolts.
  • Remove these fasteners using your screwdriver or wrench.
  • Once unscrewed, gently pull the arms away from the main frame.
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Separating the Arms

Final Tips

  • As you remove screws and bolts, place them in Ziplock bags and label them according to their respective parts. This will make reassembly easier.
  • Take pictures during the disassembly process. This can serve as a reference when you’re ready to put the chair back together.
  • If you find any parts that appear worn out or damaged during disassembly, consider replacing them before reassembling the chair.


Now that you know how to take apart a recliner chair, you can confidently handle tasks like moving, storage, or even deep cleaning. Remember to always prioritize safety and keep track of all the parts and fasteners to ensure a smooth reassembly process.

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