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How to Give Your Bitmoji Long Hair: A Simple Guide



How to Give Your Bitmoji Long Hair

Ever thought about making your Bitmoji look more like you, especially with long hair? Well, you’re in the right spot for some easy steps to jazz up your digital mini-me with some lovely long locks. First up, make sure the Bitmoji app is on your phone. No app yet? Head over to your phone’s app store, find Bitmoji, and hit download.

Steps of Getting Long Hair on the Bitmoji App

This section will help you out in getting long hair on the Bitmoji app in simple steps.

Step 1: Log In or Create Your Avatar

Open the Bitmoji app and log in. If you’re setting up for the first time, you’ll need to create your avatar. Already got one? Great, let’s tweak it.

Open the Bitmoji app

Step 2: Accessing Hair Options

Tap the little person icon at the bottom (that’s your profile) to get started on the makeover. Now, hit your avatar’s head in the app for customization options. Find the hairstyle icon – it’s your gateway to hair changes.

Step 3: Choosing Your Long Hair Style

In the hairstyle section, you’ll see all kinds of hairdos. We’re on the hunt for long hair, so scroll till you find the length that catches your eye. Choose from straight, wavy, curly, and more.

Step 4: Selecting Hair Color

Once you’ve picked your style, don’t forget about color. Above the hairstyle options, you’ll find colors ranging from blondes to brights. Choose one that feels right.

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Step 5: Save Your New Look

Happy with your long-haired Bitmoji? Hit save to update your avatar across platforms where it’s used, like Snapchat.

Accessing Hair Options

Changing Hair via Snapchat

Wish to alter your Bitmoji hairstyle through Snapchat? Open up Snapchat on your device, click on your Bitmoji icon above the profile picture, then Bitmoji. Click on “Edit Bitmoji” and look for a section introducing “Hairstyle”. Follow the same instructions given in the last step for a hairdo redo.

Soon after some taps, there you have your desired super long-haired Bitmoji all set. We are now able to express ourselves in an entirely new way, and you don’t have to even worry about whether this hair color or that haircut will suit you since you can easily test this using our various backgrounds. Let’s go ahead and give your Bitmoji a facelift!

Changing Hair via Snapchat

More Ways to Make Your Bitmoji Yourself

Now that you have put all the imaginable long hair to Bitmoji, is it time to take it to the next level? Even if you choose a hairstyle for your Bitmoji, making it resemble your tastes does not finish here. Here are some easy steps to personalize it even more: Here are some easy steps to personalize it even more:

Pick Your Outfit

Bitmoji gives plenty of cool outfits which vary from casual to fine ones. Now, proceed to the wardrobe and pick dresses that are associated closely with your daily life or the way you see yourself that particular day. You could pair up and mismatch tops and bottoms, while you can also select entire outfit sets.


Don’t forget the accessories! Do not forget to put on glasses, hats, or even earphones so you can develop your Bitmoji in its unique way. It’s a great way to show off your favorite things, as people who are fans of sports might wear a baseball hat, and music lovers might put on big earphones.

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Set Your Scene

It is also possible to change the backdrop image of your alter-ego by Bitmoji. Choose a background picture that matches your feelings or tells about your current activity. May it be a cityscape, beach, or a cozy cafe that completes the more stylish look of your avatar.

Express Yourself with Gestures

Your Bitmoji can do more than just imitate your stand-up. Be it wave, thumbs up, or pose, have fun! While these aren’t huge features, they will add a more fun and expressive aspect to your Bitmoji interactions.

Keep It Updated

Also, make sure you update your Bitmoji often. Every time you change your hair in real life? Did you get new glasses? Zoom in on your first face/avatar and customize it until it will look as real as you want it to. It’s the online you!!

FAQs about Getting Long Hair on the Bitmoji App

Here are 10 FAQs that relate to the process of customizing your Bitmoji avatar, especially focusing on adding long hair and further personalization

How do I change my Bitmoji to have long hair?

Open the Bitmoji app, available in your avatar’s customization setting, navigate to the ‘Hairstyle’ page, and choose the desired ‘Long Hair’ option. Choose it to replace your profile image.

Can I change my Bitmoji’s hair color?

Yes, after choosing your hairstyle, you will next get a selection of different color options for that style and can finally pick the right hue for your Bitmoji.

Can I customize the appearance of my Bitmoji’s outfits?

Absolutely! Through the Bitmoji app, you can also pick your avatar outfit from different sets of clothes provided for your character. These days, there are many different attention-tracking styles for every taste, from casual to formal.

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How frequently can I change my Bitmoji’s looks?

Your avatar will be able to adjust their appearance to their liking and can do so as often as you like! You don’t have any boundaries in terms of the number of times you will be making changes to your avatar’s hairstyle, outfits, or other features.

Can I put accessories on my Bitmoji?

Yes, your Bitmoji can also be personalized with accessories like glasses, hats, and other characters. Keeping in mind that clothes customization includes accessory options you might have a look at the accessories menu.

Will my Bitmoji updates be posted spontaneously to Snapchat?

The answer is “Yes”

Once you are done making your Bitmoji alteration in the app, your new avatar will automatically be saved in Snapchat and other applications that you used Bitmoji.

Can I personalize my Bitmoji to look exactly like me?

While Bitmoji provides a wide range of customization to reflect you closely, the avatars are still in style. Make the right choices and you’ll be surprised at how close you get to your ideal look!

Are there any new hairstyles added regularly?

Yes, Bitmoij just didn’t stop there. The app has let us choose from different hairstyles and other customization options. Stay tuned for any new cool designs!

What would I do if I couldn’t find a suitable hairstyle?

The Bitmoji app keeps updating its variations, so in case you don’t see what you are looking for right now, you probably will discover it later in one of the app’s next updates. Don’t neglect to give the options a run and mix the features for the best effect!

Can I apply a filter to the pictures of my Bitmoji?

Yes, Bitmoji offers you the chance to choose from different background scenes for your Bitmoji just so that it can complement your mood or current activity. Another great feature is that you can customize your self or avatar by choosing that option in the Bitmoji app within the settings.


Building a Bitmoji that is an extension of you involves going through the feature and experimenting with creativity. Everything – from the ideal long hair to the outfit my digital twin shows others a bit of my personality every time I choose in my virtual world. There you go, explore the features and create a Bitmoji just for you!

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