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10 Solid Tips For Planning A Social Media Worthy Party



Social Media Worthy Party

Planning any event is stressful, but depending on your personality type, you may actually feel energized by the prospect of party planning! Of course, even the most seasoned socialites can feel overwhelmed by the task ahead, which is why we have compiled our top ten list of tips to help you get started. Since you’re hosting a big event, why not enjoy the process?


  1. Make The Guest List Exclusive

You may wish to include everyone you know on your guest list, but the longer the list, the more stressful it becomes! Having too many people at your party will make it hard to connect with any one of your guests. The idea is to have a healthy mix of acquaintances, close friends, and people you wish to reconnect with.

  1. Plan Ahead

If your party is more formal, make sure to send invites at least a month and a half ahead of the date. For a casual gathering, usually two or three weeks before the party should give enough planning time. This is also the stage where you plan for a theme or a menu if necessary.

  1. Establish A Budget

Create a budgeting plan for your party, and make sure you write out detailed spending for food, entertainment, decorations, and alcohol. It’s best to stick to your budget closely to avoid racking up debt. Cut costs whenever applicable; such as by making your own food versus hiring a caterer.

  1. Create A To-Do List

Have a checklist on the ready that you can mark as you plan for every stage of your party. It’s satisfying, but it can also help keep your sanity intact! Make sure to write down everything from checking for RSVPs to setting up the food table.

  1. Delegate Responsibilities

Planning a party by yourself is a daunting and tiring task. Why not enlist the help of eager friends and family members? Delegating some tasks to other people, such as setting up decorations or cleaning up messes will mean less pressure on you!

  1. Simplify Food

Having good food sets the mood for any event, but make sure you don’t create undue stress for yourself with an elaborate menu. It’s best to select food options that you can prep beforehand or purchase already made. If your budget allows for catering, it can certainly make your workload even easier!

  1. Only Stick To A Single Cocktail

Even if you’re great at making martinis make sure you only have one cocktail that’s ready to dispense in a pitcher. You want to be able to enjoy your own party, so stock your mini-bar with beer and wine options instead. You can also create a small station where guests can make their own drinks— basically, a self-serve bar!

  1. Purchase Accessories Online

Instead of driving from store to store, save time and money by purchasing your accessories online at Premier Glow. This ensures you get the right tablecloth and decorations without the added hassle of constantly searching.

  1. Create A Curated Playlist

Music is at the very foundation of every great party. Make sure you create a playlist that matches the theme of your event along with the personal tastes of your guest list! Perfect if you want to go viral on Tiktok.

  1. Prep Before The Big Day

Get things done for your party beforehand. Most activities such as prepping food or displaying decorations will always take longer than anticipated. The trick here is to get everything done at least a few days before the big day!

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