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Hurricane Local Statement Definition



Hurricane Local Statement

A Hurricane Local Statement (HLS) is a statement used for whether. It is produced for the public by the local weather forecast offices of the national weather services areas in the US for areas affected or for forecast affected by a hurricane or tropical storm. That provides an overview of the storm effects, including weather conditions that are expected, decisions for evacuation made by local officials. It also includes precautions necessary to protect your life and property.

How does HLS Help Weather ForecastersTo Detect Storms?

The national weather services consider Hurricane as a flagship product that is available to weather forecast offices for outlining the tropical cyclones and their impacts and warns about them. It is their most visible product during these types of events. Furthermore description of affected areas and watches and warns about tropical cyclones. There are recommendations for considering precautionary measures. It also explains the severity and expected timings of possible threats that are typically included in HSL. The HSL can incorporate its projected impacts from the pre-written description of storm intensities. In the ’90s these descriptions were made and widely they become available for forecasters to use in HSL in 2001.

Bulletin For Hurricane

The bulletin that was issued by the weather forecast office in Louisiana, Slidell, or Hurricane  Katrina approached on 28 August 2005 that was known as” The Bulletin” was lauded by national weather services as having further encouraged individuals to evacuate. Here, not all forecast offices can issue Hurricane Local Statement.

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How Local Statements Are The Part Of Hurricane?

Local statements regarding hurricanes have been a part of the national weather services hurricane warning program since the inception of the weather services in 1970 and we’re carried over from the US weather bureau that preceded it. These types of statements formalized when as the Hurricane statement following the advent of Automation of Field Operation and Services (AFOS) within the weather services in 1978.

Components Of HLS

Initially, Hurricane local statement was composed of two components; an automated section providing meteorological information using the national digital forecast database and another tailored section with input from the local weather forecast office describing potential impacts. In 1999, the weather forecast office in Florida started accompanying a suite of graphics that is commonly known as graphical HLS (gHLS). This graphical product was made available for all the weather forecasters in 2009 from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic ocean.

Criticism On HLS Format

The original format of HLS is often criticized for being unwieldy. If we talk about its service assessment following Hurricane Andrew in 1992, the national weather services found the HLS to be so long, redundant and it is constrained by the timings of the National Hurricane center’s products.

Bottom Limes

The HLS statement is widely used by national weather forecasters for the areas that are affected by storms and tropical cyclones. It also predicts the upcoming storms and their intensity. It provides an overview of the local effects of storms and educates about the expected weather conditions. HLS also helps in taking precautionary measures for upcoming situations. This article was kind of an introduction to Hurricane statement and how it is used by weather forecasters, hopefully, it can help you get an idea about HLS.

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