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What Is The Meaning Of Cold Hands And Feet?



Cold Hands And Feet

The body of most living beings especially if we talk about humans is designed in a way that regulates our temperature in a natural way. Your body makes sure to keep the blood flowing through your vital organs and core to keep it warm when it’s cold outside. When this process is happening then it can change the amount of blood flow to your hands and feet. Cold hands and cold feet meaning are almost the same. Hands and feet become cold due to the change in blood flow through them. This is normal, vessels in our hands and feet constrict when it’s cold, to prevent heat loss from the core of our hands and feet. Some people feel cool hands and feet without having any disease. So there is nothing to worry about it’s a completely natural process when your hands and feet get cold.

But other than getting cold you may find some symptoms like color changing of your fingers. So there are things you must do in this situation. Here we know that what we can do if we get cold hands and feet.


If You Are Living In a Cold Place

People also live in extremely cold places For that reason they need to work, play, and do their household works in an extremely cold environment. Peoples need special clothing to warmth their hands and feet these include:

  • Who spends time in freezers
  • Mountain climbers
  • Soldiers at high peaks
  • Hikers
  • Hunter
  • Utility lineman
  • Rescue workers

These people need special clothing to keep their hands and feet warm. Because due to extremely cold temperatures they must keep them warm and moist. Using a moisturizer in cold weather is also a good thing to do. Cold weather also carries the risk of frostbite. This can cause permanent damage to hands and feet. Studies show that continuously working in cold weather can reduce the risk of frostbite as the body makes it a habit. There is a center named as Canadian center for occupation health and safety (CCOHS) that shows that some people develop tolerance by working in cold. Here we can take the example of a fisherman because they work barehanded in extremely cold weather. As per CCOHS women are at high risk of cold injury because their hands and feet cool faster.

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How To Warm Up Your Hands And Feet?

No matter what is causing cold to your hands and feet. It is important for you to warmth your hands and feet through clothing, wear socks and slippers, exercise, and get a good warm-up. Do jumping jacks to get a good blood flow across your body. March while sitting. To improve your blood circulation walk on daily basis. Try to wiggle with your toes and make a circle with your feet. Make circles with your fingers in the air. To encourage blood flow make wide circles in the air with your arms. After every half an hour make a routine of getting for a stretching. Do the following things to avoid frostbite:

Exercise Everyday

Exercise is something best to do to improve your blood circulation. jumping jack is a good exercise to do. It can help you regulate blood in every part of your body. Wiggle your toes and make circles with your feet. This is also a good way to improve your blood circulation. Arms whirling in the air is also a good way to warm up your body. Jogging is also an exercise that is recommended to warm your body up and makes you healthy.

Wear Warm Clothes

It is important to wear warm clothes when it gets cold. If you are cold inside wear socks and sweaters and even jackets to keep yourself warm. When it gets cold you need warm clothes to bear cold weather. Warm clothes vary from place to place. In extremely cold places you may need high warm clothes to avoid frostbite, Especially when we talk about glaciers. But at some places, ordinary warm clothes can prevent your body from cold. So the choice of warm clothes is also necessary here.

Walk Around Everyday

It is also important to go for a walk every day or make a routine of getting up for stretching after every half an hour. The walk can improve your blood flow in the body and keep you healthy. You may also whirl your arms in the air in a circle to get a good warm-up. While walking you should also do some stretching and exercise to get a good warm-up. Every day walk is also necessary to release your stress and if you want to plane for your tomorrow so it is good. Also try to wear gloves, socks, and sweaters to reduce the risk of frostbite.

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Use Heating Pad

Warm is also one way to enhance blood circulation in your body but you can also use an electric hot pad to warm your body. Electric pads are available in different styles and sizes that you can use at every part of your body. For your feet use a heating pad on your lower back and your feet when you are relaxing at night. Electric heating pads can help your body to open its vessels and help your body to regulate throughout your body. If your hands are freezing then it is also recommended to hold a warm drink.

Take Massage

Getting a massage especially when it’s cold is also a good idea. Massage can help you improve your blood circulation and due to rubbing your body becomes warm. Massage your hands and feet with olive oil this can prevent your hands from getting dry and keep your organs warm. Massage also relaxes your body and also diverts your mind from the cold you are feeling. Some people often go for a massage when they feel extremely cold hands and feet. Cool feet mean inmedicalis that your blood circulation needs to be improved. Taking a massage can improve your blood circulation and prevent your hands and feet from getting cold.

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What Experts Suggest?

We have asked many hand therapists and they recommended certain things to us these including. Wearing mittens despite gloves. The reason one should wear a mitten is that they keep your fingers together and warm your hands. Experts also suggest keeping your hands warm by using paraffin wax. You can also do this by buying paraffin wax at home. Once you apply paraffin wax on your hand’s experts suggest putting a plastic bag on your hands to keep the heat in. After putting plastic wrap your hands with a towel.

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Here Using heat with wax will also be a good idea that you can warm up in the microwave. You can buy these at craft fairs. They are filled with rice, beans, and many other grains that give you moist heat. Experts say that moist heat penetrates better. Here experts also suggest that stay away from frozen things when you are in a store. If you are in a store wear gloves to avoid frostbite. There I also another technique is therapy biofeedback. This improves blood circulation in your hands and helps your warmth your hands and feet.

What Are Some Other Aspects Of Cold Feet And Hands?

Many factors can cause cold hands and feet, even your own body has a baseline and its response to cold hands and feet. As per experts, the most fingers common health-related condition that can cause coldness in your hands and feet is poor blood circulation in your body. Here we have a possible outcome due to which it may cause coldness in your hands and feet. Here the condition is Anemia. This is a condition where you feel a healthy fewer and also working red blood cells than normal. Usually,  it is caused by an iron deficiency in your body. Your cells may not have enough hemoglobin to transport oxygen from your blood to the rest parts of your body. This may result in cold hands and fingers.

What To Do In This Condition?

Here you need to go for a blood test. Your blood test will determine whether there is a deficiency of any element in your body. Here taking It will be a good idea to take supplements that are rich in iron. This may help you get rid of the coldness you feel in your hands and feet.

Bottom Lines

If you feel cold in your hands and feet then there is nothing to worry about it is a natural process your body performs to regulate blood I’m various parts of your body. When you do some physical exertion in cold weather then this may help you get warmth from your body. Medicines that are rich in iron may help you reduce cold in your hands and feet. One must go jogging early in the morning, this will help you improve your blood circulation. Some people take it above their head when they feel cold in their hands and feet. Yes, if the color of your finger is changing and aching then you must consider a doctor else there I nothing to worry about.

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