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I’m Feeling Curious – Quick Guide



I'm Feeling Curious

No one can deny that nothing is worse than sitting in a park, office, or home. It turns your life into a colorless picture. In this way, a stage will come that makes you feel everything you do cannot beat the weariness.

Have you considered the Google platform to split off the boredom? When you understand the features of Google, you will not resist saying thanks to it because there are numerous activities which you can do. Google has many features that help you pass your spare time into some fun activities.

Among all other features, “I am feeling curious” is the incredible feature offered by Google. Many people find this feature most entertaining. It leads to many fun discoveries and experiments.


What is the Google feature “I’m feeling curious”?

First, you should know what this new feature is and how it works to pass the time. One should know that Google is a giant search engine for information, and has recently introduced the novel feature known as “I’m feeling curious.” This innovative feature can turn their user toward interesting pages that involve many facts to know.

All these facts keep you engaged in your spare time and entertain you when you feel bored and useless. This amazing feature is considered an entertainment pill and has countless fun on Google.

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But besides all this, many people complained about the inappropriate functionality of this feature. Some time ago, the feature “I’m feeling curious” disappeared. It creates a disappointing environment among Google users.

How does the Feature “I’m feeling curious” Work?

To use this feature, you have to navigate toward Google and type the words “I’m feeling curious.” After entering these words, a page will open, which comprises random facts in a questionnaire. You have to post the answer in the given field as a response. If you enjoy it, ask this incredible feature to display more informative and exciting facts.

It is good to know that before functionality issues, this feature was one of the most enjoyable and liked features among all others. The dysfunctioning of the feature “I’m feeling curious” is not about to work these days. Instead, it’s been a long time; even the server has completely removed this feature from the search engine. So, this incredible feature is not currently available and active on google because the search engine itself has removed this feature. On the other hand, people still try the easter egg feature for fun and entertainment.

Reason Behind removing the feature “I’m feeling curious” on Google:

Many people still don’t know the reason behind the deleting of the entertaining Google feature “I’m feeling curious .” After this, it is no less than some tragedy. Google may become disappointed after knowing the truth that Google has to delete this feature quietly.

It is true and wrong for users because Google has not informed their users about this. There should be some message or notice for their user, but they remove it quietly. There is no statement or explanation which tells the reason behind it.

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This feature turns into a non-existing thing. But still, people are not losing hope and expecting the revival of this incredible “I’m feeling curious” feature. If you don’t hear about this future before and are new to knowing this, you should know the significance.

It is an uncommon feature that allows users to discover, know and learn many novel things. It helps them gain knowledge about those things that the person did not know before. It is priceless in itself.

How did the Trick come into being?

The Google feature “I’m feeling curious” appears like a trick, and it was first played in 2015. It is not like other schemes; Google has officially given the statement of the process, which shows the significance of this incredible feature. As compared to other tricks and features of Google, this one has a different place and significance.

It was present on Google for about five consecutive years. I’m feeling curious was one of the educational and fun features. On the other hand, people are still assuming this feature from the Google platform after its deletion.

“I’m Feeling Curious”-An Informative Feature:

No one can deny that this feature was an extremely informative feature among the others. It allows its users to pass their spare time on fun and informative activities. It involves facts related to everything on the internet platform.

Such as, when you enter “I’m feeling curious,” It turns into many questions that users truly want to know but never found the answer to before. Another question that you can use as an example “Does the symbol/sign language similar in all countries?”

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It is the original question that you may not know before. It is valid and can rise in students’ minds who want to learn sign language.  Another simple example you can consider is “How many miles does the Earth revolve around the Sun in one hour?”

All the time you spend on this platform will only be entertaining, and it depends on the type of personality you have. On the other hand, a group of people spends their whole day searching and reading the bulk of information found on Google.

However, YouTube consists of many videos which are entertaining, informative, and fun to watch. But all this information could not be helpful. The information you get from the Google feature can help you respond in jobs viva.

Open Up Ways to Other Tricks:

As in the above detail, you know that “I’m feeling curious” is not the only feature of Google that can entertain you. It earns huge hospitality, which is obvious, but there are many other features.

This feature leads to opening up the ways towards numerous tricks. One of these features is “Get local time anywhere.” As the name explains the feature, you can know the time of any city where you are present currently. This feature is helpful for those gamers who have friends crew behind the border.

Shabbir Ahmad is a highly accomplished and renowned professional blogger, writer, and SEO expert who has made a name for himself in the digital marketing industry. He has been offering clients from all over the world exceptional services as the founder of Dive in SEO for more than five years.

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