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How To Increase Your Viewers On Instagram Reels



Increase Your Viewers On Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels is a feature introduced on Instagram around August 2020. It allows the posting of short videos, with audio effects or music. Reels came into competition with TikTok. Since then, more users have made the best use of the feature. 

About 250 million Instagram users actively use Reels as of 2021. It’s an excellent medium for sharing experiences, bits of behind the scenes of your business, or the making of your product. If you’ve been wondering how to increase views for your reels, this article gives you excellent tips on how to increase your engagement on your IG Reels.

  • Create Valuable Content: The importance of content can’t be overemphasized. Your reels should be created to deliver the value that your viewers want to get more of. You have to decide what niche you want and the kinds of content that works well with it. Take cues from successful reels in your niche and make something good out of them. You can look at private profiles to see how they’re faring. 

Next is to emulate what you’ve seen but still make it original. Find what is unique to you then add your ideas. 

If you don’t wish to emulate your competitors, you can use apps to view their profiles and identify the gaps in their content that you wish to fill. You can look for any review about Glassagram to see how it can help you in your bid to view private IG profiles.

Creating valuable content doesn’t mean it has to be too packed with information. Make it short and fun. Be consistent, and viewers will always find their way back to see what you have for them each time. 

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You can also use Instagram growth tools to increase your viewers. The interactivity this will bring will make content more interesting for your viewers.

increase your viewers

  • Use Reels Tools To Make Your Video: Instagram Reels features recording and editing tools, visual effects, and music that make your videos appealing to watch. 

Using these tools to create is better than uploading a video you recorded and edited elsewhere. Instagram loves to promote its features. When you use the organic Reels tools regularly, you gain more exposure from Instagram and increase your viewers. 

  • Use Trending Sounds: Users often have specific sounds that appeal to them. When the Instagram algorithm detects this, feeds are sent to users who can be your potential viewers. This increases the chance of viewers coming across your videos, watching them, and perhaps even following your account. 

You can get to know the trendy sounds by checking how many people have used them and how many views the video is getting. Do these by tapping the sound at the bottom of any Reels video you see.

  • Select Engaging Captions: The significance of the caption attached to a reel is often undermined. When you’re in the business of attracting viewers to your reel, having an engaging caption is very important. This increases your chances of catching the attention of potential viewers who are scrolling through their timelines. 

You know an interesting caption when it matches the content in the reel. It should also point the viewers to the video and help them understand and relate better. Let your caption generate likes, comments, and shares for your reels. This would prompt the Instagram algorithm to push out your content for more viewers to see.

  • Use SEO Relevant Hashtags: Hashtags are also instrumental in getting more views for your reels. The Instagram algorithm analyzes your hashtags to select the relevant audience and serve your video to them. Hashtags also help users come across your reel while searching for something in your niche. For example, using the hashtag #fashiondesigner for your reel helps an audience searching for dress styles or anything related to fashion come across it. Don’t forget that your hashtags should be well associated with your reels and niche.
  • Use SEO-relevant Captions: Being intentional about SEO (search engine optimization) is not only restricted to the use of hashtags but also your captions. Instagram has rolled out its keyword search in a few countries. 
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The captions attached to your reels should contain a keyword linked and associated with your niche. Start deliberately by inserting keywords into your captions. If you’re a clothing account dealing with different textile materials, use keywords associated to your niche. That way, Instagram algorithms can help push your content to the right people who will readily view and engage your reels.

  • Deliver CTAs: You should include CTAs (Call To Action) on your Instagram reels. Let your viewers know where to go for more information. That way, you get even more engagements for your content. 

The CTA could include going to your website, checking the next reel, checking your description, or clicking on a link in your bio. That way, you get more engagements on your reel.


Getting more viewers on your Instagram isn’t as hard as it seems. All you need to do is follow the instructions above. Don’t forget to keep your reels captivating and interesting to watch while dispensing value through your content. Also, make your content interactive to build a community of viewers who would constantly jump on your content.

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Shabbir Ahmad is a highly accomplished and renowned professional blogger, writer, and SEO expert who has made a name for himself in the digital marketing industry. He has been offering clients from all over the world exceptional services as the founder of Dive in SEO for more than five years.

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