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Why Install a Ceiling Fan?



Install a Ceiling Fan

Ranked among obsolete decorative accessories, the ceiling fan has been modernized and is making a comeback. Used in summer to take advantage of its cooling ventilation, you can also use it in winter with its air circulation function. Energy solution that can be truly efficient, I explain why you must equip your interior with a ceiling fan.

Reduced energy consumption:

It is certain that compared to an air conditioner; the fan consumes significantly less energy. At full power, it consumes between 50 to 75W – against the 1000W minimum for an air conditioner! The savings accumulate if you also use the fan in winter since you also save the extra costs for heating.

Can be used both in winter and in summer:

By equipping yourself with a fan with winter mode, you also benefit from a reduction in your heating costs. Indeed, during winter, the fan will move the hot air accumulated on the ceiling to redistribute it throughout the room. And since this recirculate warm air will help increase the temperature of the room, you will not need to turn up the thermostat on your heating.

Better for health:

By rotating its blades, the fan generates a flow of air that will slightly cool the occupants of a room. This stirring will not decrease the temperature of the room but will evaporate the perspiration on the surface of the skin of those present.No no hot-cold effect to be feared so no risk of catching a cold. In addition, the air conditioner tends to be a breeding ground for allergens. So, if you suffer from allergies, the ceiling fan is definitely more recommended.

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Ease of installation:

To install a ceiling fan, nothing could be simpler: if you have an electrical inlet on the ceiling intended for a hanging lamp, you have everything you need! The fan is fixed like a luminaire to the ceiling while an air conditioner needs a connection to the outside to remove the heat from the air in the room in addition to other elements that are often bulky and not always easy to install.

Quiet running models

Quality ceiling fans are the quietest. In any case, less than an auxiliary air conditioner which emits the same sound level as a switched on the radio or a washing machine. When making your choice, check that the operating ceiling fan does not interfere with your comfort – especially when it is running at maximum power. To function optimally, your ceiling fan should be installed approximately 2.4 meters from the floor.

The decorative asset:

With the different styles and options available, ceiling fans offer a significant decorative asset. So, you can have a model with steel, plastic, or even wooden blades. The choice depends on the room in which you want to install the fan: a model that is easier to clean in a kitchen and a model that is not metallic in a child’s room, for example. In addition, there are ceiling fans with lighting that will independently perform the air circulation and lighting functions.

Durability and low maintenance required:

A ceiling fan in addition to bringing a decorative touch to the room in which it is installed does not need a lot of maintenance. Better, if you have chosen quality, it will last you several years without the need for repair. Unlike an air conditioner that is going to need you to change the connection pipes or the refrigerant or whatever over the course of just a few years. This will only serve you a few weeks a year while the ceiling fan, with winter mode, will be useful whatever the season.

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If we summarized the benefits of installing the ceiling fan so as a conclusion we will see a good technique for ventilation either for air conditioners or for heaters. This means you can take benefits of installing a ceiling fan in summer or winter. They are easy to install, no need to have an electrician for the installation of ceiling fans. As it installs in-ceiling so take no space in your room. Due to good ventilation, there are a lot of health benefits (also mentioned above) so installing a ceiling fan is good for health as well. Ceiling fans are cost-effective, they took less energy as compare to air-condition and no heavy maintenance is required. The last and most important benefit is, you can use ceiling fans as a decorative item, there is a big range of beautiful ceiling fans that give your living room a classic look.

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