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Steps to take for Drobo Beyond RAID Recovery



Drobo Beyond RAID Recovery

The Drobo is a popular and convenient storage option among photographers, videographers, and people with high storage needs. The BeyondRAID technology makes it an easy choice as you’ll be getting better reading and writing speeds along with better protection from drive failure. The Drobo is multi-disk series in which you can use different hard drives all in one place. It is a much better alternative for keeping different drives and shuffling through them in case of an emergency. Your data would be present all in one place, offering no need to plug in every single drive.

Just like every other technology, Drobo is still susceptible to physical damage, viruses, power surges, and even blackouts. In any case, you’ll be at risk of losing all that precious data. The easiest choice then would be to hire a reputed data recovery service. Their expertise can help you get those files back in no time without worrying about what you should do. However, there are things you may do on your own. If you have some time and you don’t need the files in an emergency, follow through with these:

Don’t try and use it any further.

You should stop using the Drobo and reading or writing over data once you discover the failure. You should also do this in case multiple drives are failing. If you keep trying and experimenting, you will reduce your chances of retrieving your data.

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Ensure that you unplug it at once and carefully after you discover the data failure.

Pull out the disks

Your initial step should be to take the drives out of the Drobo. Do this at once after you discover that it is not working. Then, carefully plug the Drobo off and take out the drives individually. After that, you have to connect each of them to your PC. You should ideally use the SATA ports. However, USB ports would also work fine.

Use data recovery software.

Your next step has to be using recovery software. It should serve Drobo recovery, too, for the process to work. You may find options for free software too over the internet. However, their efficiency cannot be mandated. After your download, the software, use it to retrieve back the files. You should run a scan using the software and check if all the files are back or not.

Copy them to a safe place once before you close down the software.

Following these steps should help you get those files and data back in case of failure. However, they don’t offer a foolproof solution as data recovery can be complex. Therefore, you should hire Drobo RAID recovery services if you are unsuccessful during the retrieval.

  • Ensure that the recovery service specializes in Drobo recovery. It will offer you quick and expert service.
  • Look over the past projects and also the client testimonials. You should check out whether they actually have the experience to perform the job or not.
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These were the solutions you can take up to get back your data and ensure a smooth transition back to work.

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