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IPL Home Devices vs Laser Hair Removal



IPL home devices vs laser hair removal

Permanent hair reduction does sound like music to many of our ears. We all know how painful, time-consuming, and messy hair removal can be.
However even though laser hair removal gives you a better value for money considering the time of treatment and the long-lasting results, you might find yourself in a search for cheaper permanent hair reduction solutions.

IPL home devices are preferred by those who want to achieve permanent hair reduction with a lower budget. However, IPL home devices do not perform the same quality of work as laser hair removal. If you are considering starting your laser hair removal treatments or purchasing an IPL home device. We’ve listed some of the facts that you won’t be finding on IPL home device reviews.


Permanent hair reduction

How do IPL home devices work?

In order to explain how IPL home devices work, we should first explain what IPL is. IPL stands for Instant Pulsed light. Which results in hair reduction where the results will last longer than shaving, waxing, and plucking. The lights hit on the skin surface and only work on the hair follicle. The light weakens and destroys the hair root and provides hair reduction.

waxing and plucking

The difference between IPL and laser hair removal

IPL and laser might seem like they work under the same principle. Which is not completely wrong. They both target the hair follicles and destroy the hair root in order to provide hair reduction. However, they differ in strength. While laser hair removal is providing a focused light on the targeted area, IPL on the other hand drifts the focused light on a wider area on the skin. The scattered light, as it is not as strong as the focused laser beam, won’t be as effective laser light.

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While your laser hair removal treatment session is taking around half an hour, IPL machine will take longer time to get rid of the excess hair on the same area. And while for a permanent hair reduction you are usually advised to 6-8 sessions, if you are having IPL treatments, you will need to get more sessions as the light is much weaker and the results won’t be as effective.

What is an IPL home device?

IPL home devices give the comfort of IPL treatment at your homes. They are light in design and easy to use. The hoe IPL machines work with the same principle as the IPL machines at the clinics. However even it might be more comfortable to have your hair removal treatments at the comfort of your home, the results may not be as effective as laser hair removal, and also IPL treatment that you can get at the clinics. This is due to health and safety reasons. As IPL treatments might be dangerous, there is always the danger of harming the skin or burning. To prevent this situation, the home IPL devices are not as strong as the ones that can be found at the clinics.

IPL home device

Home IPL devices vs laser hair removal

We’ve compared the IPL home devices with laser hair removal treatment to give you a better understanding of both options for permanent hair reduction.
Laser hair removal is proven to be the most effective permanent hair reduction method. It provides up to 90% hair reduction over 6-8 sessions. IPL home devices, as they are not as strong as the laser, don’t provide good enough results and they can only be classified as long-term hair reduction methods instead of permanent hair reduction. Even though the results with IPL home devices are much longer than waxing and shaving, if you stop using the IPL home devices, your excess hair will come back.

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The latest technology on the laser hair removal industry introduced us to the highest standard, medical degree laser hair removal machine; Candela. At Premier Laser & Skin we are proud to have this latest technology available for our clients. One of the best qualities of this latest laser hair removal technology is that it is suitable for all skin types. On the other hand, IPL home devices are only effective on lighter skin tones. They are pretty dangerous on darker skin tones and might cause pigmentation on the skin.

We mentioned before that the IPL home devices are specifically built for your own use without a need of a profession and this was due to health and safety concerns. In order to perform treatment over a certain strength, you need to be professionally trained. Even if you are performing the treatment on yourself, it is not safe for you to do otherwise.
The IPL home devices are purposefully not as strong as the clinic machines. However, this doesn’t mean that they can’t be dangerous. There are many recorded cases the IPL home devices are causing serious skin injuries. And because there isn’t a professional practitioner present, it is highly likely that you wouldn’t be able to perform the necessary recovery on time.
With laser hair removal on the other hand, as your practitioner sets up the settings and the machine heads especially for you, the treatment is more tailored. And there are not as many recordings of skin burns as there are with IPL home devices. With laser hair removal you are in the safe hands of our experts.

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If you are considering starting your laser hair removal treatment soon and would like to learn more about it, why book a free consultation today? Our experts are waiting for you.

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