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Is CBD Legal In The UK? 5 Things To Know Before Trying It Out



CBD Legal In The UK

CBD use has gained popularity across the globe. The United Kingdom (UK) also hasn’t been left behind by this trend. This craze has been brought about by the increased awareness among people in the UK as they become more enlightened on the possible benefits of the CBD supplement. But before you buy CBD products, it’s essential to confirm that doing so is safe and legal. 

If this is the information you’re searching for, look no further. Here’s a guide on the things you need to know about CBD in the UK. Without further ado, let’s get started. 


Is CBD Legal in the UK? 

Yes, CBD use in the UK is legal. Therefore, you can go ahead and buy and consume it without worrying about legal repercussions. However, there are a couple of regulations you should follow when buying CBD. Otherwise, your purchase might be deemed illegal. The criteria that should be observed for CBD to be legal in the UK include; 

  • It should contain less than 0.2% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV), which are the psychoactive compounds contained in cannabis that causes you to feel ‘high.’ 
  • CBD must never be sold for medicinal purposes.
  • CBD oils, gummies, pastes, capsules, and other foods must have the authorization of Novel Foods.
  • The container’s packaging should be easily distinguishable from other controlled cannabinoids, such as THCV and THC.  
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Things To Know Before Trying Out CBD 

Before using CBD in the UK, you need to know a couple of essential things first. Here’s an overview of the information you need to know:

  • Will CBD Show Up on a Drug Test? 

CBD Show Up on a Drug Test

Because CBD doesn’t show on a UK drugs test, you shouldn’t have any concerns about it during screening. You won’t test positive as they’re only screening for THC. To ensure that the test doesn’t test positive, make sure to use CBD products that are either THC-free or low in THC. 

  • What Are the Possible Benefits Of CBD? 

If you’re on the fence on whether to use CBD, knowing its benefits will help you determine whether to go ahead and use it. CBD is known to promote your overall wellbeing and health by interacting with your endocannabinoid system. Because of these, areas of your body that are out of balance are restored to normal levels. CBD achieves this by regulating several crucial bodily processes such as:

  • Production of hormones 
  • Immune response 
  • Brain functions 
  • Hormone monitoring 

The regulation of these different systems is what brings about the numerous benefits of CBD. Some of these possible benefits of CBD include treating muscle spasms caused by numerous types of sclerosis and reducing the side effects of some kinds of cancer treatment. In addition, CBD can help with sleep problems and the treatment of epilepsy. 

  • What Are the Different Types of CBD Products? 

CBD Products

You can get CBD in many different forms, the most popular being CBD oil. You can also choose from other variations, including hemp tea, paste, capsules, e-liquids or vapes, and topicals. If you’re confused about which of these products to choose, here are a few factors to consider in making the right choice. This includes: 

  • CO2 supercritical extraction 
  • Clear CBD content 
  • Certified organic and free from toxins 
  • Certificate of analysis 
  • Tried and tested 
  • Full and broad spectrum
  • How Should You Use CBD? 

Because CBD products are available in different types, there are different ways you can use them. The best ways to take CBD to ensure it gets into your bloodstream quick and conveniently include: 

  • Inhaling it 
  • Drinking or eating it 
  • Placing below your tongue 
  • Inserting rectally or vaginally 
  • Applying on your skin 
  • What’s The Best Time to Use CBD 

Best Time to Use CBD 

All cannabinoids are fat-soluble, so it’s best to consume them while taking your meals, preferably dinner and breakfast. It’s recommended you do this when using CBD edibles or capsules. You can also place it below your tongue to boost its efficiency. 

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With that said, you can use the CBD products when it best suits you, depending on your desired goal and the results you want. To determine the best time, use the CBD products at different times to see when you experience the hoped feeling. 


Using CBD in the UK is legal. With that said, the numerous laws and regulations that are constantly changing with the increased usage of this supplement in the UK need to be observed. Because of this, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with this ever-evolving landscape to ensure you’re always compliant. This comprehensive guide has highlighted all useful information about CBD legality in the UK and things to consider before using it. 

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